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Valuable Ideas

Valuable Ideas

We create valuable ideas to generate the desired output for our client with the help of a suitable private investigator.

Valuable Timing

Valuable Timing

Time is of utter importance for us, we value every second and give out the best results quickly.

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

A detective agency that gives reasonable and affordable priced services which proffers you the most in a budget.

Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting

We have a team of highly skilled professionals working on different techniques helping our clients.

Who we are

In a world full of conspiracies and conflicts, we are a private detective agency which has highly skilled private investigators who are adept with the latest technologies and techniques to help our clients through their tough time. We deliver spectacular services by doing our best. Our main motto is to help our clients on a personal level where they are free of their chaotic life. We bring peace to them by investigating in accordance with a suitable case. All India Detective is amongst the most preferred and reliable investigation agencies present in the country. We are based out of Delhi but have our roots sprawled over different cities and places. We are one of the best private detective agency in India.

We are an Expert in this Field

We are a private investigation agency that proffer services in various fields depending upon the requirement of our client. We make sure that we do everything possible in our power to help them win a legal lawsuit, resolve conflicts amongst one another, build up relationships again or break up relationships altogether. Matrimonial detective is basically the one who solves issues related to marriage, be it be pre or post. A matrimonial investigator helps you get out of a relationship which is full of lies and fake promises, helping you stand on your feet again and be independent.

  • On time closure of cases with super speed investigation
  • Constant tracking of your investigation with regular updates as a spy agency
  • Get assured proofs of the investigation
  • Fully supportive methods and techniques to resolve your issues with our private detective services
  • Premium services beyond your expectation

Services We Provide

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

We investigate the deep roots of a person from their history to their past love affairs, any criminal records, behaviour temperament, financial and social status.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Check on your partner’s personal details including their bills, travel, hidden data that could possibly damage your marriage. This Investigation could save up your relationship.

Employees Verification

Get a hang on the hidden statistics and facts with relevant proofs. End to end encrypted data about your employees ensuring they are working righteously.

Loyalty Test Investigation

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Investigate with proper mediums and ways with us to get information about their hidden activities.


Complete electronic surveillance is done using devices like television, wiretapping and radio to record activities of the suspected person.

Undercover Detective

It is required either for personal use or corporate. We place undercover agents in form of maids, servants, familiar neighbours for personal.

Missing Person

This is for those who have lost a dear one and think that there is much more to the case than what the police is offering.

Sting Operation

Corrupt people have taken over the world, if you want to investigate a person or set a company for sting operation, this is the right place.

Case Studys

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your privacy policy for your clients?

We understand the concern of our clients and put their details under end to end encrypted documents in our installed systems which are impenetrable. Your personal information is not disclosed with anyone at any cost or point of time.

How do you ensure confidentiality on your cases?

Our detective agency makes sure that our clients trust us by handling their data with utmost protection under technologies that are highly protective and are used for confidential documents. Also, no one apart from the client can gain access to even the most trivial information.

How do we contact you and set up a case?

All you need to do is either send us an email describing a bit about the category of the case for example: pre matrimonial, love affair, corporate, etc and your contact details so that we can call you and discuss the case further. Or you can call us directly at the numbers given below.

How much time does it take to complete a case?

The time taken for completion depends on the execution speed of the plan and the complexity of the case. It can take just two days as well as twenty days. Since this is one of the best private detective agency in India we wrap up our work quickly.

What if i do not want to meet and disclose my identity?

Then we can easily communicate over calls, emails and virtual chats considering we are a private investigation agency. You have all the rights to protect your own identity and we never make our clients uncomfortable by pushing themselves to do something they are not comfortable in.

How do we know we will get our results true?

We do in depth research and studies which are completely based on facts and figures done by our private investigator. We will provide you all the requisite documents and proofs of the entire case. They can be in the form of audios, videos, images or even plain text but it is all solid content based on true investigation.