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Fraud Investigation is one of the various corporate investigations that we cover at All India Detective. Being one of the top most private investigation agencies in India, we investigate all kinds of issues related to corporate investigations.

Many times the only reason why companies fail is that of fraudulent activities that are conducted within the organization by its employees. Hardly anyone starts a corrupt company with the mindset of looting people, but eventually, money begins driving the companies. Once money comes into play, people get off track and start devising fraud plans that would pool in the money from other people in their own pockets.

Fraud Investigation can be conducted within a company on its employees or with a competitor’s company. There are many ways to conduct a fraud investigation but we tend to focus on the best one that results in an end result for our clients.


What is a Fraud Investigation?

Fraud Investigation is the conduct of an investigation on a person or an organization to check if they are doing any fraud activities that could cause a potential damage or harm.

These investigations are common in corporate sectors where companies follow illicit protocols and ways to earn a profit and drive customers. Often these companies take their client’s money and run away.

In India, this is an extremely common scenario where some companies take advantage of the lack of education of people in the rural areas and take their money in the name of security and insurances. These companies make fake promises that they would double your money in 2 weeks or 2 months and then when you go to them after the specified duration, they are no where to be seen.

  • Fraud investigation has saved hundreds of people and companies from facing severe loss.
  • Major fraud activities including money are resolved through fraud investigations.
  • All India Detective specializes in corporate investigations including fraud investigation.
  • You can check your competitor’s business procedures with a fraud investigation.
  • Run a fraud investigation on one of your suspected employees.

These are some of the things that a fraud investigation can help you with. An investigation conducted properly under the guidance of an experienced detective turns out to be fruitful for the victim.


Need of conducting a Fraud Investigation

A Fraud Investigation can be conducted on individuals as well as a complete organization.

If you are a company facing an unexpected loss in its sales, you need to conduct a fraud investigation. There can be two possible outcomes of this scenario:

First, either some of your internal employees are shifting data from your company to another and driving away the sales.

Second, a competitor company is spreading bad things about your company making your reputation weak.

If you are in the stage of hiring employees and want to run a check on whether or not your new recruits have given you the correct information about themselves, you can go for fraud investigation. Also, you could verify the data that they give you like previous job experiences, previous salary, college details, etc. These details are of extreme importance and will protect you from any fraud employees who later on tend to harm your company.

If you are an individual who wants to expose a company, you can opt for our services for fraud investigation where in we will give you the inside data of the suspected company. We can give you information about a company’s legal status, their employees, their previous works and sales, market value and if they are good or bad for you.


How Fraud Investigations are conducted?

Fraud investigations are conducted in a proper manner with the help of skilled detectives in this particular field. We at All India Detective have qualified and skilled investigators that plan and execute on multiple investigations. We focus on every single case that we get form our clients.

  • Fraud investigations take time as it is not easy to discover the truth about a company or an individual within a day or two.
  • A proper set up is made for the subject to believe that it is an actual business deal.
  • Our undercover agents try and talk them out of how their company works.
  • We even observe how the subject usually reacts to bribery.
  • We record every data about the subject including videos and audios, both.
  • The phone calls made to the subject are tapped and can be heard during the investigation and once the investigation is completed we provide our clients with all these proofs.
  • Proper proofs and documentation are made which can help our clients in a legal suit case as well.

An investigation should be conducted properly, once the raw data has been taken in from the client, we chalk out a rough blueprint about how we want to conduct a specific investigation. After having a plan in place, we select the undercover agents who will be working under a case, and then set up our technical gadgets like lapel mics, video recorders, and cameras.


The case journey of a Fraud Investigation

When we deal with companies we know how to make them believe in our undercover agents. Corporate people are smart and not everyone can fool them, they work in a diverse environment with hundreds and thousands of people because of which they gain a lot of experience.

This experience can be used wisely as well as viciously, and some people tend to choose the latter. Our detectives come from various backgrounds like business management jobs and legal firms which makes them an expert in dealing with such investigations.

Before approaching the subject, we make sure we have a fake but a real looking company from our end so that we can gain the subject’s trust. We make sure our papers are in place and our social media platforms are active.

Our private detectives create an end to end business deal to lure the targeted company, after that we fix a meeting and let them know how much we want to work with them considering they have such a good reputation. A little push in the beginning helps us make them believe that we come from a corporate background.

This is how we plan for a fraud investigation and expose the target. It can be an individual as well as a company. If you think that you could be a victim of a fraud company or a person, you can book a case with us right away and we would come to your rescue.