A case study of Pre Matrimonial


Marriages are a bond made with love and faith. But what if that person you are going to get married to, is not who you think he is?

We did a case a few days back wherein a couple had been set up for an arranged marriage. Since the two didn’t know each other well, there were some doubts in the girl’s mind. She had seen all her friends getting into relationships, she had seen how cruel the world has become and how easily people cheat and lie these days. She had her suspicions on this boy that he and his family were hiding something huge from her.

We listened to all what she had to say, after having the proper information we proceeded with the case. We began with our investigation, ran through his emails, personal details, started tracking his daily errands.

Things seemed to be normal apart from some drinking and smoking habits on and off for a week straight. But after a week we saw what he was hiding. He used to occasionally go and meet his ex-girlfriend whom he had promised to get married to. Later on, he used to drink and smoke every night with his friends outside his apartment. When we confronted the girl about this, she was crushed.

A pretty picture had been portrayed by her and her family. The boy claimed to be a vegetarian and said that he had never even touched alcohol wherein we saw him drinking till he lost his sane mind every single night. The girl and her family eventually broke off the marriage, they felt cheated. Not because drinking is a bad thing, but because they lied and hid such major things.

A relationship is not based on one’s habits but their nature. Drinking and smoking are altogether bad things, but even if someone does it in a controlled manner, it is acceptable. We see such cases every day.