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All India Detective has one of the finest team of surveillance detectives. We are a company based out of Delhi but work in multiple locations with our branches spread all over the nation. With the increasing crime rate in the country and all over the world surveillance investigation is being chosen everywhere.

Did you know that the biggest reason for a divorce is cheating in India?

Did you know that an average kid starts to take drugs by the age of 15 today?

Every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the United States. A total of 4,432,880 people go missing globally.

Surveillance investigation is conducted worldwide on subjects to observe their day to day behavior including their personal and professional actions. All India Detective follows a staple pattern for its surveillance investigations with the best team of surveillance detectives and techniques. Surveillance detective work means to conduct a covert investigation about people and places using the right surveillance detective equipment.



What is the purpose of a Surveillance investigation?


Surveillance investigation simply means observing subjects to gain information. Most surveillance investigation is conducted by surveillance detectives, security officers, and corporate investigators. The Indian police officers also conduct surveillance investigations but since they have a lot on their plate already, they are not able to give enough time and focus to a surveillance investigation properly.


A surveillance investigation can be conducted for many reasons, it is considered one of the best methods of investigations. The purpose of surveillance investigation differs from case to case but usually, it is considered for the following purposes:


  • Obtaining information about a person
  • Location of a subject or the site of illegal activities
  • Obtain intelligence about a subject, criminal group or location.
  • To locate a hidden/stored property.
  • To obtain evidence for use in court.
  • Prevent a crime from occurring through covert or overt surveillance.
  • Gather intelligence for a raid.
  • Provide protection for informants, undercover individuals or others.
  • To obtain information about someone’s activities or the status of their health.

All India detective is a Surveillance detective agency which conducts a thorough investigation with the help of well-versed surveillance detectives. A surveillance detective agency is considered as the first choice when it comes to investigations since a private investigator hired for a case specifically focuses on an individual case at a time. Unlike the multiple cases that police officers handle at a time, surveillance detectives give their 100% focus and attention to one individual case at a time.


This results in a proper investigation being conducted on time, giving out relevant information about the subject. A lack of observations made during the investigation can result in a dead end. It might even prove the subject innocent and free from all allegations at times.



Why you should hire a private detective agency for Surveillance Investigation?


All India Detective is a leading private detective agency in India. We have worked with more than 500+ clients over the last 4 years. With over 100+ private detectives working with us, we are a strong private detective agency growing every single day.


For us, our clients are not just our business partners or prospects, we understand how emotional it gets at times when people come for loyalty investigation or missing person investigation. There are 3 options for you to get a surveillance investigation done:


  1. Investigating by yourself: This is one of the methods that many people opt for since they feel that investing money in a private detective agency is not worth. Also, they think that the police is either too slow or not skilled enough to get investigations done, they think they can manage things by themselves. This often leads to a failed investigation because they are not skilled, do not have enough techniques or technologies to conduct a proper surveillance investigation.
  2. Filing a case with the Police: Filing a case with the police is the first legal step that a person should take. The only con that it has is that it takes a lot of time for the police to give attention to your case as they have innumerable cases in a row. This often leads to a failed investigation or a delayed one.
  3. Hiring a private detective: This is the most preferred yet effective way of conducting a surveillance investigation. We have a team of skilled surveillance detectives that run through the case properly and make sure that the subject is either declared as a culprit or an innocent. We have the required techniques and technologies to conduct a surveillance investigation.


All India Detective is a reliable company which is a registered organization under the Indian government. Our actions and investigations are completely in line with our constitutional laws thereby protecting our clients from any fraudulent activities.


What are the investigation techniques that we use in a Surveillance investigation?


There are multiple private detective surveillance techniques that are followed by surveillance detectives. However, some of them require court orders to proceed as not everything is legal in a surveillance investigation. There are certain rules and regulations in a surveillance investigation on moral and humanitarian grounds. Also the constitutional rights apply to each and every individual in the country, therefore protecting them from agencies and police.

Here is an extensive list of private detective surveillance techniques used by our surveillance detectives:


  1. Electronic Monitoring

This consists of using electronic devices to observe the subject including wiretapping. It refers to monitoring of emails, calls, fax, and any telephonic communications. The subject is tracked from the moment they wake up to the minute they sleep.

Surveillance detective work includes tapping each and every phone call the subject receives or makes from their end. A long history of their calls can also be obtained with the help of a surveillance detective.


  1. Fixed surveillance

In a fixed surveillance our surveillance detectives are required to observe the subject from a fixed distance. They can go wherever the subject goes and make a note of whatever is happening. These observations are then put down in paper and missing links are connected together.

A rough structure is formed of the case and the subject is observed for days to come. Multiple surveillance detectives are required for a fixed surveillance as standing at one place or travelling throughout the day with the subject can get too tiring and exhausting for the private investigator.

Since the surveillance detectives keep on taking turns it also becomes less risky for the subject to notice it. Imagine if the subject sees one person everywhere he/she goes, just one single person following him/her all day long. Then it becomes too obvious and easy to understand that an investigation is being conducted on them, this might even warn them in a way to become more aware of their actions. And this way, they can pretend to be complete innocents misleading the entire investigation.


  1. Undercover operations

Undercover operations means, that an undercover agent will be sent near the subject in a manner so neutral that they don’t recognize our agent and live their life as is.

For example, in a surveillance investigation conducted against a company, our surveillance detectives will be disguised as corporate people from some other company. They will then strike a deal with the subject company, ask them for samples, talk them out about their business prospects and record everything that they mail or do.

This is one way of conducting a surveillance investigation which has proven to be the best. However sometimes the subject is too smart to give any immediate signals of their ill doings and take weeks to unravel themselves.

All of the aforementioned are the various methods that All India Detective takes in a surveillance investigation. Surveillance detective work takes a lot of effort and time to complete. We make sure that we explore every single thing about our subject, from their movement to the places they move in, everything is recorded and kept a note of.


What is the procedure of a Surveillance investigation?


The procedure for a surveillance investigation includes some basic steps that our surveillance detectives follow.


  1. The case begins with you. If you are having troubles with your partner or in your professional front and wish to conduct a surveillance investigation then you should reach out to us via our contact number, email or an office visit.
  2. Surveillance detectives are allotted to your case. You need to give some basic information about the subject to our private detectives so that they can run a quick research about the same.
  3. A raw blueprint is prepared by our surveillance detectives based on the information that you provide us.
  4. This blueprint then takes the form of a solid plan. A number of techniques are implemented in the case, as mentioned above there are 3 basic private detective surveillance techniques that we follow.
  5. If the case requires legal permissions we take requisite actions in order to make the case work.
  6. After a plan of action is set and we have the surveillance gadgets in place, we proceed with the execution.
  7. The subject is then onwards investigated and observed thoroughly. The places they go to, people they talk with, office they work at, everything is tracked.
  8. The data observed is then kept under one page, connections are drawn in the case and keen observations are made about the subject.
  9. After this, either the subject is suspected guilty or innocent. We give all of the data and stats that we observed and drew in the case to our client.
  10. The case is closed once the investigation is sought out with a proper end result.


This is the flow that we follow here at All India Detective. We are a surveillance detective agency that specializes in investigations. We proffer 16 different investigations to people all over the world.

Yes, we work on an international level as well and have worked overseas for our clients.


What are the cases booked under surveillance investigation?


We consider all the aspects of an investigation, as much as we plan to expose our subject, we also take care of our clients. There are multiple cases that can be registered under a surveillance investigation. Some of them are:


  • Child Custody: Child Custody surveillance investigations are conducted when one of the parents hire a surveillance detective to observe their child’s visitation with the other parent. Often it is seen that parents lash out on their kids for their separation, molestation, rape, abusive relationships have become common now. This is why child custody surveillance investigations are conducted.
  • Criminal: A criminal surveillance investigation is conducted to keep a track of an individual who is a suspect for robbery, employee theft, vandalism, rape or molestation. We think of far away people as criminals but never really consider our close ones to be the culprits. In such cases, an individual is tracked down completely.
  • Mobile: This is one of the most difficult surveillance investigations as this requires our surveillance detectives to chase down the subject in a moving vehicle. It largely depends on traffic and the external conditions.
  • Personal: If you suspect that your partner has been cheating on you, can opt for a surveillance investigation and see for yourself what they do in their entire day. You can track their phone calls, emails and all records with a surveillance investigation.
  • Corporate: Companies are driven by powerful people, and these people often misuse their power. Corruption and illegal deals are made between organizations to earn millions of money. If you want to disclose the actual reality of an organization, then you can book a surveillance investigation case with us. We provide with proper techniques and gadgets to help gather proofs and data about people. You can use these statistics in the legal court if you wish to.


All India Detective is a private investigation agency which aims at dealing with different cases under multiple situations. We have a dedicated team of surveillance investigators who are ex-servicemen of the Indian police, RAW, Military. They have seen more criminals and terrorist minded people than anyone else and this gives them an edge over everybody.