Case Study of Undercover Investigation


We have a team of highly skilled detectives who have worked with top level agencies and name such as the Indian Police, RAW, the Military. They are well versed with the concept of hiding their original identities on real missions and cases.

We came across a case in which we had to prepare one of our detectives as an undercover agent to get the real truth out of a man. This man was anonymously making a lot of money, he didn’t actually have a job but lied to everyone that he worked online for a digital media company.

His wife started doubting him when he gave her a diamond ring worth 1million. She knew something was not right and that he was lying to her about his job. Who could possibly make a million so easily?

We investigated the case thoroughly. It became difficult to catch him red handed since he used multiple numbers and bank accounts. So we thought of putting one of our detectives as an undercover agent in the disguise of a lower class man. Our detective started hovering over the places this man used to go to.

After some time our detective confirmed that this man was placing bets every single day on IPL matches. He had earned over a gross of 56lakh rupees to be exact. Whenever he said he was going to his office or for a conference, it was rather a reunion of all the gamblers. His wife was scared to death when she came to know about it, nevertheless we consoled her and advised that she should go up to him and confront him.

And that if he didn’t find a suitable job soon enough she’d tell the police about it. The man refrained from even accepting to his deeds. But with relevant proofs, there was no chance of him backing out and lying again. He finally accepted to everything and promised to change for good.