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A sting operation is basically an investigation by means of deception to find out about the criminal activities of an individual or an organization. It strictly involves electronic surveillance, fixed surveillance and moving surveillance as well. It is the strongest form of an investigation to conduct on the subject.

All India Detective is a leading private detective agency in India which aims at uncovering the real faces of criminals who sit amongst the general public and are unidentified in a crowd. Sting operations serve a good purpose if they are for the public good, and are conducted in a peaceful, genuine and honest manner.

Any kind of deviation from the sting operation might lead to a biased decision or operation, this can ultimately fail the investigation. A sting operation can help the common man by showing the true personality of high and corrupt officers. These kind of investigations helps us in moving towards a corrupt-free country, without any illegal activities or financial losses in terms of black money.


Reasons why you should conduct a Sting Operation (you can be an individual or a small business)

It is not necessary that one can conduct a sting operation only on high ranked officers or organizations. If you want to conduct a sting operation on your competitor business, make sure you have all the relevant data to ensure a smooth investigation.

Here are the Top10 reasons you should conduct a sting operation:

  1. You can collect solid information and present it in the court of law as a legal evidence.
  2. High precision and exact results
  3. Private investigators follow high privacy protocols to protect your identity
  4. No legal complications or allegations of conducting sting operation
  5. We keep a track of the subject throughout the journey of the case with the help of electronic surveillance
  6. You can make or break a partnership on the basis of the results of a sting operation
  7. Corporate due diligence follows sting operation in most cases. This can help you in learning about a company’s financial status, assets verification, legal partnerships with third party organizations, trademarks and publishers
  8. Employee investigation within the company often involves sting operation to give true results
  9. Assets verification of builders, contractors, business tycoons and company owners can be done by this method of investigation.
  10. All India Detective provides you with complete protection of identity under the legal rights. However, infringement of the subject’s privacy is a matter of concern at times.

It is a safe method to investigate without harming any individual. All it really needs is the right direction to proceed with.

Is conducting a Sting Operation legal and safe?

Yes, under the law, sting operations are legal to conduct unless they harm anyone on a physically violent level. Although it definitely harms individuals who commits crime and follow illegal practices such as bribery, dowry, sexual harassment, human trafficking, drug abuse, and other activities.

There are thousands of people who suffer the unfortunate fate of dowry and bribery. Often, the victims commit suicide, while those who live go into depression. It can be emotionally heavy and traumatic to bear with criminal people.

In rural areas, people still follow the dowry practice, and bribery is an illegal activity which begins with the smallest officer in a village and goes up to the highest officials in the country.


What if the sting operation goes wrong and the subject discovers about the investigation? Will I be protected?

All India Detective is an experienced private detective agency in Delhi, we have a team of skilled professionals who have the required abilities. Conducting a sting operation is not a child’s play, you need to be sure how to properly conduct one.

If you are dealing with people who are into the drug business or weaponry trafficking, remember that they have a lot of power. What if they come to know about the little investigation you were trying to conduct on them? It can cause them a potential loss or damage worth millions, might even shut down their business completely. This is exactly why you need to hire professional and skilled private detectives to conduct a sting operation.

We protect our client’s identity under all circumstances, also we have back up teams everywhere our detectives go. If in case anything goes wrong, we have a strong team which can protect even our investigator who is in front of the subject.

All India detective has been in the industry of private investigations more than a decade now. We conduct 7 different types of corporate operations and 8 other personal investigations. To book a case with us, you just need to contact us via our phone, email or a formal in-person meeting.


Can I see the live records of the sting operation?

If you work with us, we guarantee you to show the real and live updates on your investigation. We use latest technology lapel mics, video recorders, cameras and special pens to record data. We have a team of software engineers and professionals who keep a track of this recorded data. You can see all the latest updates with them.

This information can be used to send out in the public via radio, television and newspaper. However, you must take the necessary legal and formal steps before going public putting allegations on an individual or a company.


Other Alternatives to Sting Operation

If you do not wish to opt for sting operation or feel unsafe in investigating, you can always go for investigations with lower complications such as surveillance, matrimonial investigations, fraud investigation, corporate investigation. There are few to zero legal work or procedures for other investigations.

You can read about the aforementioned services on our website, to book a case with us, contact us via phone, email or a visit at our branch would be highly appreciated.