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Wide options but less agencies to provide effective results , my choice regarding the agency turned out to be positive .This case was very critical as it was for my sister who was going to get married to a guy whom she had met through a social networking site and she had got carried away through emotions we were facing a lot of difficulties to stop her as we suspected that he was cheating her as expected the spy result proved negative and like her he was in a relationship with two other girls.

Shashank KumarDelhi

It was very difficult to choose among so many detective agency but I had to give it a shot and trust on one agency, I submitted my case to all India detectives .This case was personal as my husband stayed back late nights at office for work, I suspected he was in a relationship with another lady however when the agency completed its entire investigation we found that he was seriously working hard and was not in any RELATIONSHIP.

Valentina ThapaPune

I hired All India Detectives for Pre Marital Investigation. They did wonderful job and saved my life by providing shocking information about the girl. She was divorce and she was hiding from me


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