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Do you know someone who has lost their son while he was coming back home from school?

Do you know a teenager who was suspected of having a love affair with a boy of the lower caste and went missing one day?

The neighbour who just had a miscarriage went missing from home yesterday night?

It has been two days and your husband has not shown up at home?

Almost 100,000 children go missing every year in India, let alone the adults. Over 1 million people commit suicide globally. Teenage stress, anxiety and drugs are the most common reasons contributing to these suicides and run away cases. Jealousy and malicious rivalries within families and businesses also lead up to kidnapping and murders involving heavy money.

A missing person investigation is filed when a person goes missing for more than 24 hours. Kidnapping is yet another common reason why a person goes missing.


What are the reasons that lead to a missing person investigation?


When a person goes missing, their family starts to worry and ask questions all around, however they don’t get to their dear one by just asking questions and posting pictures on the street. A missing person investigation is set up after it has been confirmed that the person is missing from more than 24 hours without anyone knowing of their whereabouts.

There are several common reasons for people to go missing:


  • Peer pressure: A lot of kids face pressure from the society and their parents. They push children to follow a regular pattern of life which everyone around them lives. They want their children to follow a particular course and become what they want them to be. They force the kids to opt for subjects they might not be even good at, which ultimately leads them to fail examinations and drowning in depression.
  • Lack of Resources: Often children are made to work while they are in college or school. Parents believe that they should also earn and contribute to the household needs. This leads to a lack of resources to the kids, they don’t get proper time, money or enough education stressed, they run away from their mundane life.
  • Love Affair: Our society still follows the conventional patterns of marriages and believes that love marriages are a bad idea to pursue. They believe in the caste system which bothers the younger generation a lot. Parents become stubborn about caste or come under society pressure and stop their kid from getting married to someone they love. This leads to a wrong direction where kids escape their houses and run away altogether.
  • Kidnapping: People get envious of other people’s wealth, they try ill-mannered ways to get others wealth. This largely involves kidnapping where people hire goons and gunmen to kidnap other people’s kids and demand money in exchange for the life of their beloved child.
  • Murder: Often kidnapping leads to murder. This happens when either the kidnappers do not get what they want or if their whole purpose since the beginning of kidnapping was to murder the victim.
  • Suicide: Teenage kids run away from their homes and commit suicide while they are on the run. Initially, the idea of running away lures them but once they run out of money or resources, they take their own lives thinking it is the end of time.
  • Bankruptcy: People take hefty loans from banks and then go bankrupt. They invest their money in stocks or businesses and just lose it all. The pressure leads them to escape their life and just run away.


 Most of the cases that we solve under a missing person investigation come under the two categories: Kidnapping or a runaway. Parents at first deny that under no circumstances could their kids run away like that or wives begin to suspect that their husbands would take such heavy loans but this is the truth. People do unexpected things because we really never know what is going on in their lives. A man might seem normal one day and might hang by the ceiling, taking his own life the same night.


Which is the best way to find out a missing person; Self, Police or Missing Person Investigation Agency?


A missing person investigation requires high attention to detail and analytical skills. There are three options to find out the missing person:


  • Either you could go all by yourself and search for that person. This is not at all advisable since a layman cannot have all the resources that the police and a missing person investigation agency has.
  • You go to the police and file a case. This is the proper formal procedure one should follow as soon as they discover the person is missing. However, this method of finding a missing person can take up to several days and even months in some cases. By then, the missing person could be either too far from your reach or simply dead.
  • A missing person investigation agency solves a missing person investigation in way much lesser time than the police or you possibly could. It is the most advised way to find out a missing person because it has a special team that particularly looks into your case, unlike the police where there are hundreds of cases piled up.


Since hiring a missing person investigator is the best idea to find out a person, it is also the safest. If a person has been kidnapped the kidnappers keep a track of the movements of the police, they even threaten to kill the victim if their family tries to involve the police in it. Families often feel helpless and lose their way in finding their dear one.

In this scenario, a missing person investigation agency such as All India Detective comes to the rescue. We have a proper missing person investigation checklist that our missing person investigators strictly follow. Since the kidnappers cannot keep a track of a missing person investigator, they are often caught red-handed.


What is the missing person investigation procedure?


Once you have decided that you wish to go for a missing person investigation with us, all you need to do is contact us via phone or email. You can even come by at our office and tell us the background of your case. We then get our team to work on your case and a missing person investigator is assigned to your case.

We believe in quality over quantity”

If we allot 10 cases to one investigator then he/she would take a lot of time to help you with your case, hence we feel that in a missing person investigation, the faster we work the more chances we have at finding out the person.

Taking longer than usual might result in a lost case or death of the victim. We follow a missing person investigation procedure that has been set and followed since years:


  • We investigate about the victim’s family, relatives, friends and everyone with whom they had been in an active contact with.
  • We make a rough pattern of how everyone is connected to the missing person.
  • Our lead missing person investigator then looks for any loopholes in the stories that people told during the investigation.
  • These loopholes or wrong information brings the missing person investigation to a closer solution.
  • After identifying the suspect, we keep a track of their activities day in and out. Where they go, with whom they talk, if they talk on local S.T.D phones or have a SIM to their names which no one knows about.
  • Intense investigation and data lead us to the final suspect and we track down the missing person ultimately.

This process takes a substantial amount of time, but anyway it is lesser than it could have taken had you hired someone else or maybe went only to the police.



What do we provide in missing person investigation services?


We provide relevant proofs and statistics that could have led to the person to go missing. In missing person investigation services, we focus more on the personal relationships and rivalries connected with the victim. It is not a corporate investigation with a cheating manager drifting your perfect business towards its downfall. A missing person investigation procedure is a relationship based study.

We focus on the relationships and bonds that your family share with others on a whole and on an individual level. It is often discovered that kidnapping happens when your family is wealthy enough and had rivals at once upon a time. People run away because of love affairs due to rejections of the victim’s lover by their family or their lover’s family.


  • We make use of the latest technology to help discover the missing person in an investigation.
  • A proper missing person investigation procedure is followed, as aforementioned.
  • Documentation with recorded audios and videos are provided of the suspect.
  • If however, no links are found with the existing people, we delve into the actions of the victim before they went missing.
  • Their phone call history, messages, emails, school/college/work colleagues are approached and enquired.
  • In our missing person investigation services, we give you all the details and conversations the victim ever had with anyone.



How to book a case with All India Detective?


All India Detective is a private detective agency which has the best missing person investigator team which is dedicated to helping families find their lost dear ones. You can hire a missing person private investigator through our website where you can contact us via phone, email or a personal meet up. We would require you to provide us with some details about the missing person, we understand if you do not want your identity to be disclosed but in a case such as a missing person investigation we would appreciate if you disclose your identity so that we have a clear vision of who we are dealing with on the investigation.

Once you have booked a case with us, we ask you to rely on our missing person investigator to help sort your case. It takes some time and efforts to figure out a rough pattern of the way the case is going to proceed. We meticulously look for details and proofs that are relevant to the case.

We also provide our clients with the data that we collect so that there is a transparency between us and them. We are a reputed detective agency that has been solving mysteries and helping people with their troubles for years.

As far as we like to help on a personal level in cases such as missing person investigations, we provide 16 different services altogether.


  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Loyalty Investigation
  • Missing Person Investigation
  • Divorce Case Investigation
  • Mobile Spy Software
  • Surveillance
  • Teenager Monitoring


We have multiple options for investigations under “Corporate Investigation” :


  • Employee Investigation
  • Competitor Investigation
  • Assets Verification
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Undercover Detective Operation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Sting Operation



Is All India Detective a certified and reliable company?


We have a team of ex-servicemen from the Indian military, Indian Police, RAW Agents and other reputed organizations. These people have the highest skill set that a person could possibly have in terms of solving puzzles and identifying the real culprits. They have worked in conditions where they faced terrorists, murderers, rapists, molesters face to face.

Can you imagine working days in and out finding the whereabouts of a terrorist?

Do you think that a person who helped found the biggest murderer of the history won’t be able to find your son/daughter?

Our team is why we are proud of our services, they make sure they work to their best of knowledge to ensure our clients get their desired results. All India Detective is, therefore, a reliable company which is certified under the formal and legal proceedings of our nation. Our work is to serve the country and help it progress towards prosperity and success, be it be on a personal level or a professional out front.