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Assets are the profitable things that a person typically owns. For example, a car, house, company, farmhouses, etc. Anything that can be measured in terms of money and financial values is called an asset.

Even employees are considered as assets to their company.

Assets verification is one form of corporate investigation wherein you can find out about the property and the net worth of a person or a company. This investigation requires access to extremely confidential data like their bills, insurances, bank account transfers, etc. It is considered one of the most typical investigations because financial data is usually hidden by banks and it is almost impossible to break through their security.

However, we have other ways by which we get data about the assets of a person or a company. Our technology and techniques have made us by far the best private detective agencies in the country.


What is Assets Verification?

Assets Verification is the investigation of a person/company’s assets which contributes to their financial status and net worth.

It is a kind of an investigation which comes under the broad category of corporate investigation. Nevertheless, it can be chosen for personal investigations as well.

We have conducted several assets verification investigations and we always tend to find some loopholes in the audit files of the companies or the tax sheets of a personal household. It is not surprising how people get caught in so many budgeting issues.

Companies go bankrupt overnight only because of their hidden black money, they believe that they can hide their illegal money forever which doesn’t really happen and they get caught. Once the bankruptcy kicks in, the company invariably does down and at last, shuts down. An assets verification is therefore important to make sure you have the correct details about someone’s assets.


What are the results of Assets Verification?

Assets verifications uncover multiple folded truths and facts. They never just open up a single side. Usually the verification results in an assets verification report which consists of the following things:

  • Hidden bribe money
  • Hidden properties
  • Illegal business methods adopted to gain clients
  • Illicit possession of weapons
  • Wrong information submitted in legal documents
  • Forging documents and deals
  • Multiple bank accounts with huge amounts of money

These are some of the most common end results in an assets verification report of an investigation. We provide proper documents and data related to the subject in our assets verification report so that even if our client wishes to keep them as proofs or present them against the subject anywhere, they have a solid backup by their side.


Why do you need Assets Verification?

Let us divide this into 4 major reasons why you need assets verification:

  1. Company: Being a company you can go for assets verification of your employees as well as other companies. There should be complete transparency between you and your employees at least. Fixed assets verifications and audits should also be conducted on a yearly basis to protect yourself from any kind of allegations.
  2. Personal finances: If you want to know about a person’s wealth, you should do an assets verification investigation on them. It will help you discover the truth about the literal amount of cash they have on them, the one that is stored in banks and their properties too.
  3. Legal Custody: Often, men lie about not having money and ignore their child’s custody and even avoid paying the child support to the mother. In such scenarios, a mother can hire an investigator who could then help her with a complete assets verification. She can then prove this data in the court and get money from her husband.
  4. Bankruptcy: Often companies present their papers as if they have gone bankrupt, however, they have a lot of hidden black money which they do not want to spend on giving out their pending loans and debts.

An Assets verification investigation helps you to formally know the inside financial status of a person or an organization with relevant data and proofs.


Assets Verification: Property Fraud Investigation

All companies and individuals are required to count their fixed assets gained in a year to calculate the asset value they have in hand matches to the one that they legally would represent. A property fraud investigation is one of the most common verification processes in which we investigate fraud properties.

Companies usually have properties and offices on illegal lands and they protect themselves by producing illegal documents to the government. They try to save on tax and on the usual charges by hiding their original property.

Also, some individuals lie about their personal belongings and fixed assets to save themselves from financial responsibilities of their families like giving alimony money after divorces, paying for tuition fees for their children or paying regular taxes.


Assets Investigation Services: Corporate Investigation

Fixed assets verifications and audits are important tasks that need to be done every year. If you are a corporate company or an organization which has yearly turnovers, you should go for assets verification. There are many processes and tools that make the management of the data about assets easy.

The right process and tool are chosen for conducting a fixed assets verifications and audits which depends on the size of the organization and the data. Use of incompatible tools can result in mishandling of the data and ultimately leading to failed asset verification reports. This might cause a huge loss to your company.

Assets verification is conducted to not only investigate about other companies and individuals but to keep a track of your own assets. We have systematic ways of conducting assets verification for self and others. Therefore, we have absolute methods to conduct the investigation and produce a final assets verification report.

If you wish to conduct an assets verification investigation which keeps tracks of the assets and produces audits based on that, you should book a case with us. Reach out to us via email, phone number or our office.