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All India Detective is a private detective agency based out of Delhi which focuses on investigating your case to its roots. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with some solid background such as RAW, The Indian Police, CBI and ex military men. This investigation agency consists of men and women who are trained in the aforementioned services or have greater intellects and puzzle solving abilities than any other beings. We prefer people who have worked under organisations where confidentiality is the key and a daily hunt like a spy agency. Coming to the privacy of your identity and the confidentiality of your case, we at All India Detective take up every case extremely seriously. We use technologies that are highly encrypted and used only by a handful of skilled professionals. No layman can come over and access your details or your cases credentials. There is a solid reason as to why we are one of the best detective agency in the Country.


We provide facts, figures and reality checks in your cases with relevant proofs and documentation. We don’t presume things by ourselves. We proffer services like pre matrimonial, corporate investigations, love affairs and surveillance. People often lie in relationships and business to move forward and gain trust of others by illicit methods. We are the ones who come for rescue whenever you feel that you are being cheated on, be it be on a personal level or a professional level. We work overseas as well, it’s not just India that we have our connections in. There are a lot of case where girls get married to NRI’s and later on in their marriage they discover the bitter truths about their backgrounds and history of abuses or their sexuality which tends to bother them. We have a dedicated group of matrimonial detectives who specialise in private investigation and delve in deeper in the history of a person. So if you know someone who is suffering because of a relationship or maybe you know someone who owns a company but their graphs are all going downhill without any apparent reason, then you should consider going for private detective services. A private investigator knows the ins and outs of a situation, we gather information in a way which is legal and accurate to your case. From a matrimonial investigator to a corporate firm detective, we have it all with us. You can just contact us and we will walk you through the whole process of how we plan on implementing your case in the right direction.


Once you trust us and believe us, we will start sketching a blueprint as to how to go further with your case. All the barriers, pros and cons that might or might not become a hurdle in your scenario will be listed out and worked upon endlessly till your case is rolled out successfully. You will have complete access to your information but no one can gain access to it, not even your spouse or your mother unless we have heard it from you physically or you yourself come and tell us to give them the access. All India detective is one of the leading private detective agency and all this has been possible only because of our streamlined workflow and top notch private investigators.