A case study of Loyalty Test


There was a lovely couple who had been committed with each other since their childhood. They were the best of friends and lovers. Things starting rolling off hill once they were separated in college. They had a lot of fights and misunderstandings which made their relationship bitter. On and off break ups created a gap between the two.

However, there came a drastic change in the girl’s behavior after a few months. She became more and more distant, kept fighting on trivial issues but never outright broke up. The boy was troubled by her avoidance and careless attitude. He asked us if we could help him, and we took up the case.

We started tracking the girl’s activities. Being in a long distance relationship gave her the advantage of lying. She could just lie to his face whenever she wanted to. So we recorded her daily life events, where she used to go, with whom, for how long, everything.

Merely after 3 days, we had a full confirmation that this girl had been cheating on her boyfriend for a very long time. She used to put her phone on silent or flight whenever she was with her new boyfriend, she would fight and make her present boyfriend guilty only so that he broke up and she had the benefit of the victim.

The girl was really clever at hiding her affair from her boyfriend. When we showed him the recorded images, audios and videos, he was crumbled and said he didn’t believe in love anymore.

We advised him that he should move on with his life as this girl was not worthy of his love. Imagine what could have happened had they got married or had kids. What if she would have cheated after marriage? A divorce is not a simple solution, It drains a person out mentally, emotionally and physically.

This is why we say, sooner you know the truth, and the better it is for your life!