Case Study of Private Detective Service In Delhi

We solved a case three months back where a small company running with 30-40 people was facing loss in their profits continuously. The CEO was worried that he will have to sell his company soon, even its shares and all the value in stocks. Their clients had been reducing tremendously.

Continuous efforts were made to pull up their services. Meetings were being held on alternative days but nothing seemed to work initially. One of the managers in the company was least bothered about the company, he acted like it didn’t matter to him even if the company closes down and he looses his job. He didn’t have any financial insecurity, and this made people suspicious.

We had Aditya (CEO) of the company walk in our doors to discuss the case further. We took proper details of the manager and started doing research on his communications over the last six months. We found chunks of information which would have stayed hidden if it were not for our highly skilled detectives.

They found out logs and data that was being sent to a random email everyday before the office hours ended. It contained the name, details and other information about the clients of the company he had been working for. So basically he was transferring client’s personal data to a unknown email address.

On investigating further we concluded that, email was his only and that he was sending clients a different prospect and business plan with a much lower price. He also showed them experience to gain their trust. This lured the clients to choose him over Aditya’s company. When we revealed this to Aditya, he was taken aback. His Manager had been working for the company since last 5 years, and it was trust breaking.

A legal suit was filed against that Manager, he was fired form the company and banned from a lot of other companies which eventually led to his own fall.