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Once a noble man said that “Loyalty is an expensive gift, do not expect it from cheap people”.

And the fact that most of you might have heard this quote is because it is so relatable and true. Around 70% divorces in India take place because either of the partner cheats on the other one. There are many people who have been cheated by their partners and yet they still continue to remain in those relationship because of society pressures, emotional weaknesses, and dependencies.

A loyalty test investigation is conducted on a subject to find out if they have been cheating their partners or family. All India detective is a private detective agency that runs from Delhi and is spread across various cities and states. We also deal with clients that are out of India i.e abroad.

If you know someone who has been cheating their partner, conduct a loyalty test investigation on them and show their innocent partner the proofs about it. You can literally save millions of lives if you do this. Emotional trauma has damaged people more than money has.

Every year people commit suicide all over the world mostly because of emotional trauma, mental sickness, anxiety and depression. People get depressed and lose hope as soon as they discover their partner has been cheating on them, some of them can’t even move on after such an incident.

A loyalty test investigation can save you from this trauma and even your dear ones.

What is a loyalty test investigation?

A loyalty test investigation is an investigation which is conducted on a subject to check if that person has any extra marital affairs or even just love affairs with anyone outside of their committed relationship.

All India Detective aims at conducting a thorough loyalty check investigation on their subjects with the latest technology available in the market. We have the best loyalty investigation detectives in our team who are highly skilled and know how to conduct investigations properly. For a loyalty test investigation we hire smart, young and attractive people. They become our undercover agents and work for us for loyalty tests.

For us we value our clients and understand how crucial it is for them to find out the truths regarding their partners. A loyalty test of your partner is important because you are going to spend the rest of your life with them and you must know what you are getting into.

  • A loyalty test of your partner will enable you to clearly decide whether or not they are the right one for you.
  • It also means that you can think not just emotionally but with relevant proofs and facts with your mind.
  • You can finally overcome the emotional quotient and take up a rational decision about your life.


What is the purpose of a loyalty test investigation?

A loyalty test investigation can be conducted with different purposes but they all revolve around one major reason; you want to find out if your partner is cheating on you with some other person. Many people notice things and let it go thinking that it doesn’t matter.

Have you ever checked your partner’s phone?

Did you find some chats or call logs that seemed unfamiliar or unusual to you?

There might have been times when your partner must have told you that they are working late at their office. Is it happening too often now?

These are the questions which people overlook at times. They blindly put their faith in their partners and think whatever they do is always right.

Emotional trust is the basic foundation of a relationship but do not let it overshadow the truths that you see for yourself!

More often than not people even find out about their lying and cheating partners but they think of the society, their kids, the dependencies they have on them, be it be emotional or financial and become too scared to leave them. Some don’t even confront to their partners about their lying and cheating habits. The purpose of a loyal test investigation includes:

  • Check if your partner is cheating on you before marriage
  • Check if your partner is cheating on you after marriage
  • To see if they are lying to you about their work
  • If they have had any past relationships
  • Whether or not they are the right choice for you
  • To see if they should get the child custody or not after a divorce
  • Proofs for divorce cases
  • If your boyfriend/girlfriend is dating someone

See how all of these purposes literally revolve around one reason, and it is therefore our utmost priority that we give all the details we collect during the course of the loyalty test investigation to our clients.

We want to make sure that whatever data we provide to our clients is true to the core. The documentation is done in such a manner so that it can be presented in the legal court making it a substantial evidence.

Why should you hire a private investigator for a loyalty test investigation?

You should hire a private detective for a loyalty test investigation since they are qualified for this job well enough. They are trained and specialized in investigations, from their planning to the execution, they know how to prepare everything from scratch.

There are many reasons why you should hire a private detective for a loyalty test investigation:

  • They are professionals who have thorough knowledge about how to plan and execute a loyalty test investigation.
  • We have the right equipment and techniques to conduct a loyalty test investigation.
  • We are a reliable company registered under the government which means, that we know how to access our rights ensuring we don’t hinder in the subject’s life in any manner.
  • Our detectives work as undercover agents which doesn’t allow the subject to know anything about the investigation.
  • Proper documentation and stats are maintained which can be presented in the court of law.
  • A loyalty check investigation requires 24 hours surveillance which is something only professional investigators can provide.

The aforementioned are some of the many reasons why you should hire a professional private investigator for a loyalty test investigation. All India Detective is a private detective agency which focuses on providing its clients with the best. We completely understand how depressing it can get for  a person to find out the harsh truths about their partners. Therefore, we make sure that we provide our clients with good counsellors who can help them get back on the track of life.

Often people get nervous breakdowns, especially if they have kids. And this results into bashing the kids out on unnecessary things, and creating havoc in front of them which leads them into wrong paths of alcohol, drugs and sexual abuse.

What is the process for loyalty test investigation on your partner?

The process for a loyalty test investigation is basically a relationship test where a surveillance is conducted on your partner. A surveillance investigation means conducting a covert investigation about people and places.

A loyalty test investigation sometimes require a 24 hour surveillance investigation, which means that we have 3-4 private detectives taking rounds around the subject. We make sure that we have enough number of detectives taking turns so that the suspect doesn’t identify them or realize that there is an investigation going on. This might make the subject aware of his doings and he/she might act completely innocent for days on end. It can possibly lead to a failed investigation with a dead-end result.

A relationship test is conducted on a subject usually by making them in contact with an opposite gender. This is the ultimate way of finding out if your partner is cheating on you or can possible do so in the future. We often suggest engaged people to run a loyalty test investigation before they get married to their fiancé to know in depth about their partners.

  1. A proper plan is made in line with the subject’s schedule.
  2. We try and introduce an opposite gender in their lives.
  3. This person then gets closer to the subject emotionally and physically to seek out the inner person. We provide text chats, call recordings, emails, photos and videos that are taken between them and the subject.
  4. Along with that, a 24 hour surveillance is run on the subject, tracking their activities continuously.
  5. Dates are settled with the subject, video cameras and audio recorders are set in place beforehand. This data is collected and given to the analysis team which makes further investigations.
  6. Proofs and documents are collected, connected to one another and a final result is made about the case.
  7. This documentation is then handed over by our loyalty test investigator to the client. The client is updated through out the investigation on a daily basis.

The whole process for a loyalty test investigation can not be finished within 2 days. Even if the subject is found to be cheating within the first 2-3 days of the investigation we continue it for a week long so as to explore more about them.

You never know how many affairs a person might have.

Once we are done with the investigation we make sure we have all the data in place to prove our observations correct. This data can help you get a child custody if you are married, it can help you break the relationship and look for a better partner if you are not married. A relationship test works out best in both the scenarios.

What are the methods used to conduct a loyalty test investigation?

People cheat on their partners for years, we have seen it in reality how far can lying and cheating go. It is shocking how a human being can be so cruel and unfaithful to the one person who loves them the most in the world, who would give up anything that they had for their partner. It is upsetting how people are married for 10 long years and still cheat their partners for a younger, or richer or smarter person.


There are various methods that are used to conduct a loyalty test investigation. Some have proven to be the best methods for investigating a relationship test. Simple things such as monitoring the activities of the subject is one way in which an investigation works.

  • Introducing them to an opposite gender
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Static observation
  • Fixed surveillance
  • Moving data collection

These are some of the ways that we use here at All India Detective for a loyalty test investigation. We have been dealing with such cases from a decade now, our detectives are thoroughly experienced and skilled to handle any obstacles that might come in the way during the investigation.


What do we need from you in a loyalty test investigation?

We need you to give the basic details of the subject with complete honesty. Any misinformation about the subject might lead into a failed investigation. There are few details which are extremely crucial for us to know and can not be skipped in a loyalty test investigation, however if you fail to produce them at the beginning of the investigation we still consider the case and try to find those things on our own.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email id
  • Social media profiles
  • Work place
  • Any places that they regularly go to
  • Places that they hang out at
  • Friends they spend their time with on a regular basis
  • Any recent unfamiliar name that you heard

This information should suffice the needs of the basic layout for the relationship test. We prepare a complete blueprint on the basis of the information that you provide us. So, if you know someone who might be cheating their partner, you know what to do next.

If you feel your partner is cheating you, be it be your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, All India Detective will be more than happy to help solve your personal problems. You just have to get the courage to get up and make an effort to reach out to us. Once you have registered a case with us for a loyalty test investigation, we will do everything in our power to protect you and find out the truth.

If you want to book a case with us for other services, feel free to check them out in our services section. You might find something that you have been looking for since a long time. Read about our past experiences in our case studies and testimonials.