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Marriage is a bond of holy matrimony where two people and their families accept one another, take responsibility for each other and promise to stand by each other forever in life. May it be good times or bad times, healthy or ill, poor or rich, these promises are made by keeping in mind of every circumstance. Marriage is the beginning of another life, a life within a life one can say. It starts with celebrating your newly born relationship with your spouse and their family to building your own family with your partner. Trust and faith are the basic foundation of any relationship and marriage is one such bond where even a single lie can ruin multiple lives. One lie tends to another, which leads up to ten more. A lie can never be hidden for a longer period of time, the truth will always shine brighter than the lies no matter how hard you try. It is therefore advised and said by elders that you should never lie in your relationships as it could completely mangle it.


Hiding and lying these days are more common than you can imagine, 15-year-old kids lie to their girlfriends and boyfriends. And the fact that they even have a boyfriend or a girlfriend at such a tender age is surprising enough. There is nothing wrong with being in love but there is a certain age and time for everything. What does a 15-year-old know about love or what does a 30-year-old know about love? Age is just a number, agreed, but experience does count. And if you start lying from the supple age of 13-14 you will definitely end up having troubles with your personal relationships. Now imagine if you get married to such a person, what then? How will you know about it and go forward with your relationship?


 Arrange marriage is a common practice in India where usually your parents meet first and they decide on your behalf that whom you should get married to and spend the rest of your life with. It is a weird concept though. If you are the one who is going to spend the rest of your life with someone then you must have all the rights to make sure you are getting married to a good-hearted person. If you believe your parent’s choice is the best and will always be the best, that’s a good belief then. But what if they make a mistake? What if you make a mistake in choosing your life partner?


No one comes with an assurance letter in their hands saying that they will never lie to you, hide things from you or bother you. No one will ever hold your hand and make you walk through the darkest allies of their hearts. All this is going to uncover when you get married to that person. There’s no guarantee that your future partner will or will not be a good person. Don’t you think it will be way better if you already know the ins and outs of their lives, their families and their darkest truths?  


How will you find out the real truth?


Well, pre-matrimonial investigation is one way through which you could find out if your future wife or husband is a genuinely honest person or not. You will be able to know about their past and their present conditions with the help of pre-marital investigation. And before you begin to blame yourself and start feeling guilty that what if that person is actually nice? Believe us when we say that it’s no harm if you care a bit for yourself. It is not at all wrong if you are concerned for your life. God has given us one chance to live, why should we ruin it by entering into a wrong relationship with a wrong person?


 Look near you and see how many people are really happy in their marriages. Most people are not. The reason is that their marriages had boosted off by fake expectations and promises to comfort one another, but as time went by and people unravelled their original personalities, it became saddening. The lying, hiding, manipulative words will haunt you for the rest of your lives. Prevention is better than cure. We believe in it strongly. Having a pre marriage background check will always work wonders. It will never backfire unless there is something suspicious with your own commitments and promises. It takes time to judge a person, we don’t come into the picture when you have already made up your mind. We come into play when you are about to make a judgment, but are dubious.


How will we help you?


We have a team of pre matrimonial detectives in Delhi which work throughout the country to solve pre matrimonial inquiry cases. They are highly skilled and professional people having backgrounds with RAW, INDIAN POLICE, ARMY and all such high profile jobs which require utmost dedication and security. Matrimonial investigation is one of the many kinds of cases we solve. When a client comes to us with even the bare minimum knowledge of a person, we know from where to start and how to go about the whole case. It is not a cakewalk for sure, often times we have seen our clients broke down in between the case journey. Sometimes the lies and facades are multiple, leading to severe damages to families that leave them speechless and disappointed.


Girls often face this problem where they are engaged with a boy who looks just normal from the above, like any other guy but deep down is hiding secrets from her. It can be an open ended lie or a closed one, who knows for sure. The potential and power of words can be understood only once you have suffered because of them. Promises made over phone calls and messages is not enough these days. In fact people have become such experts at lying that they can lie about anything and everything on your face without even blinking an eye.  

For such people we have pre matrimonial verification, this leads to not only re opening their lost and hidden cases but leads to the righteous path of truth.


What if you don’t want pre marriage investigation?


That is entirely up to you and your family. If you believe that your fiancé or would-be-partner is perfect and has absolutely zero flaws about which you might have a doubt or two, then it is okay to not go for a pre marriage investigation. But how will you ensure that whatever you have been seeing of them and their family is true to their core? That the world you see is ACTUALLY PERFECT AND FLAWLESS?  There are times when people have a bad history of relationships, finance, fights, backgrounds etc etc. They usually tend to hide these since they make them look bad. They feel that if they will disclose about their past, they might loose a chance on a good person with a good relationship.


Sometimes the blunders people make are acceptable and forgettable. But there are times when one wrong move affects their whole life or supports a wrong trait in them, for example if a person has a history of 3 failed relationships in which he was the one who always broke up, then there might be a possibility that it is not the girls who are wrong all the time, it is infact the boy himself. If a girl has had a boyfriend whom she claimed was not a very nice person can herself turn out to be bad person. Anything is possible. When we listen to people’s stories, they’re based on what their perception of the problem is, if you ask a third person then the results will be astonishingly different. This is exactly why you need to have pre matrimony information about your future partner and their family. Pre matrimonial verification is not a sting operation of any kind, it is just a check to ensure that everything is in its right place.


 We hear people discussing as why they never thought that they should go for pre marriage investigation, and the most common answer is that they blindly trusted their partners, their family and their own family. Arrange marriages take a toll when family friendships are converted into future generation bondings. No matter how different a person grows up to be, parents deliver their promises and fit their kids into houses they can’t accommodate properly. They push their child to settle in a household that is completely different to their owns. A lot of times girls face this issue of “lost connectivity” where they stay amidst 20 people yet somehow feel alone and disconnected from the world.  This happens because daughters are pampered like little kids all life long, they are softly placed in a cocoon which nourishes them to grow more. When they get married and move into a new place, they face humongous issues. The in laws have expectations which sometimes are unrealistic and sheer illogical, they want some work to be done only for the sake of it, only because they think that that work would gain them higher respect in their society irrespective of how much trouble it is causing to their daughter in law.


 Some adjustments here and there are always welcome since life does not work on definite straight paths, you have to make it work good and right by adjusting to situations quickly, becoming adpet to it. But there is a limit up till which this is all normal, beyond that it is merely forcing a person to make them a robot for your own benefits. It’s not always the behaviour, sometimes it is a about a medical condition that runs in their family which they want to hide from you. Pre marriage investigation is therefore a necessary step to avoid any confusion in your relationship.


Our pre matrimonial investigation cost is extremely affordable and reasonable. For once, stop thinking about how much you will be spending on the Monterey front but think about how much efforts, time and feelings you’ll be saving. There is an assurance that we are going to give you; you will not find a better and more affordable pre matrimonial investigation in delhi.


To book your case you can call us directly or put an email mentioning a bit of your background and the kind of case you want to take up. We will scrutinize things and then contact you back. We can further discuss about your case over the call or we can fix a meeting which we prefer more. Communicating face to face matters a lot, you can see the true intentions behind someone’s eyes, you can feel their words literally. This is why we want our clients to come upfront about their problems. However if our client wants to keep his/her identity private or hidden, we understand their rights to keep their identity hidden. We do not push or force any of our clients to go overboard with the cases or their rules.


There are some mandatory things that we require from the client, any withdrawal or hinderance in proper information about the alleged person can cause the case to elate to a next level. Missing information can lead to missing results which means that your case will be unresolved. Having a completely wrong information is one thing, but having it half correct is worse. This might lead our team into confusions making them run in circles. We trust our clients and expect the same from them.


Once we are done with expanding the solution to the case, we begin the implementation which stretches across the whole table. From little efforts to collecting little snippets of the case to going large with hidden cameras and audio recorders, we do it whatever it takes to solve a case, help our client keeping ourselves and them under the legal umbrella.