Case Study of Missing Person


We solved a missing person case two weeks back. It took a lot of time, strategic planning and a sort execution directive. A 14-year-old girl was claimed to be missing by her family members. When they were done searching through every corner they knew and crying at the police’s doorstep, they came to us.

We understood the pain of the parents, how crude people were being to them saying that their daughter didn’t have morals and that she had run away with a boy. However, the parents were stubborn enough that something ill had happened to their daughter and she did not run away with anyone by her will.

We pulled out every string in the case, checked her phone’s history and messages, talked to her school friends, neighbours and we deduced that there was a 16-year-old boy from 11th standard who spent quite a lot of time with this girl.

It had been almost ten days since the girl vanished. The boy was regularly coming to the school, so no one suspected him. But we knew something was not right and he was not telling the complete truth. We dig up through his chats and records. We found one unknown number which he talked to while he was in school or when he was out.

That number was of that missing girl. She had become pregnant with this boy’s child and ran away panicking. She thought that this boy would save her, instead, he got her to an abortion centre and removed the child. This took a toll on the girl’s health, she was not ready to go back home since she feared what her parents would think.

We followed the boy one day and he led us to the girl. We caught both of them and brought them to our centre and then called their parents. We tried and convinced the girl’s parents that they should now just take care of her instead of giving her more strength as she had already lost her physical strength at such a tender age.

The boy was given a warning and nothing major happened as he was under 18. His parents were warned and conveyed that if he ever comes near to the girl, an FIR would be charged against him.