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An undercover operation is conducted in cases of forgery, theft, frauds, illegal doings, kidnapping, cheating and many more cases. So, if you are struggling to know the truth about someone, you should hire an undercover detective to help you get to the truth.

You might know someone who is running a fraud company and stealing people’s money, if you are one of their victims, you can run an undercover investigation on them and get your money back. Don’t worry about the evidences, since we back you up with them. Our professional undercover detectives help the investigation to go smooth and accurate.

Also, if you think that your partner is lying to you about things and you smell something unusual, you could always conduct an undercover investigation to know the real thing. At first, this might seem a bit extreme, but people let go of the initial happenings, avoid them thinking they have the best partners. You can have the best partner, we do not question your relationship but,

It is always better to be on the safe side.

There is nothing wrong in conducting an undercover investigation on your near ones as far as you are not happy with your relationship. Many lives have been saved due to private investigations, we keep getting cases about married couples where either one of the partners is the subject and the results turn out to be shocking. Often, it is concluded that they can easily cheat on their partners, leaving their family and kids. We have specific people for such types of investigations who know how to pull out the real personality of the subject.


Why should you hire an undercover detective for an investigation?

Hiring an undercover detective is the best solution to get to the roots of an investigation. It helps finding things about the subject in a personal way. For example, if the subject is your husband we will hire a female undercover detective for the investigation. We will set up an entire structure which will help in the case like we will set up meetings between the subject and the undercover detective in restaurants and other public places.

We will see how your husband reacts when the undercover detective tries to get close to him, everything that they do will be recorded on cameras, video recorders, and audio recorders. Now imagine, if we would have done this investigation by observing the subject from a distance?

The best way to get personal information out of a subject is to get close to them in a real life. You can not send in your dear ones to befriend the subject because they might get caught, the subject might come to realize that there is something wrong or an investigation is being conducted on them.

Here are the reasons why you should hire an undercover detective for an investigation:

  • Undercover detectives are professional investigators who have the right skill to solve a particular case.
  • Proper data is maintained during the course of an investigation.
  • There is no fear of getting caught since the undercover agents are skilled.
  • We use electronic surveillance method to keep an eye on the subject which ensures accurate and true results in an undercover investigation.

We will keep the recorded data as proof to the investigation and provide you with a complete package along with the documentation.


What do we provide in an Undercover Detective Operation?

For personal investigations we have undercover agents who work in the disguise of colleague, friend, stranger in a public place the subject visits on a regular basis, maid, driver and many other personalities. In matrimonial investigations we usually have an undercover agent of the opposite sex to attract the subject and check their loyalty towards their partners. If you wish to know about the subject’s personal bank information, we place our undercover agents as bank officials, then we can lure the subject in various investments and ask them about their assets which they might have been hiding from you.

For corporate investigations, we either put our undercover detectives as employees in a specific company or a friendly business colleague who can get into their system and retrieve information about their strategies and their wrong doings. Our undercover detectives are professionally skilled investigators who have a background in business management and corporates, so they will be able to tackle them extremely well without creating any suspicions.

We provide with the following details in an undercover detective investigation:

  • Proper documentation which can be used as substantial proof in the court of law.
  • Recorded video tapes, audio tapes, pictures and written data proof if any.
  • Protection of your identity during the entire course of the investigation.
  • End to end conducted undercover investigation.


Features of an Undercover Detective Operation?

All India Detective believes in client satisfaction and this is why we are the best detective agency in the country. We totally understand the emotional phase a client often goes through in personal investigations, for us what matters is the client should get true evidence from the investigation which can help them in their lives. We offer:

  • Accurate results
  • Reliable undercover detectives who strictly work for our clients
  • Proper attention to each individual investigation
  • Effective investigations to churn out the truth
  • Provide ultimate solutions in case of forgery, theft, murder, missing person investigation, corporate issues.


Is there a possibility for the subject to know about the undercover agent?

No, our undercover detectives are trained detectives who have been serving in the same field since years. They know how to tackle unexpected questions and get out of situations. Incase if the subject ever comes to know about the investigation, we make sure that we protect our client’s identity.

There is absolutely no chance you should be worried about an undercover detective getting caught. We are among the best private detective agencies in Delhi, we work from here and have our services present in almost every state in the country. We even work overseas if required, the procedure for those investigations differs a bit from the usual ones since they are monetarily heavy.