Case Study of Post Matrimonial


A man was married for the past ten years and he had two little kids, one was five years old and the other was eight years old. He was a responsible man, caring and loving towards his family. But he gradually started behaving differently, he started losing his temper on his kids and wife. The wife got worried and fights began. Yelling and shouting became a daily routine.

Panicking, she came to us one day and told us about the incidents that had been happening. We knew downright that something major has been happening. On a post matrimonial investigation, we came to know that he had once visited a party where he got a little drunk and got involved with a woman.

Now, after 3 months, she was threatening him that she’d tell her family how he has cheated them if he doesn’t give her enough money. Her husband was baffled at the negotiations that woman was making. He started having second thoughts about his own marriage.

And the threats had made her husband bitter, he had started avoiding his family’s needs altogether. We investigated in depth and then after a confirmation confronted the wife. She was shattered at first but we suggested that she should talk to her husband.

They should solve the matter as they already had two kids who were too little to suffer the pain. After confessing to the man, he admitted that he had taken an extremely wrong step and was sorry for it.

If we hadn’t investigated this case, it could have led to a divorce which would have ruined four lives completely. Sometimes it is better to solve out our doubts and be clear about some things. It is extremely difficult to live with a partner who has cheated on you, but there is always a way to investigate further.