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Juvenile crimes in urban areas have increased by 57% in 2001-2018 said an internal report. A study in the state of Maharashtra stated that majority of the juvenile cases registered were between the age of 16-18 years old. Teenage monitoring has become a crucial need of the hour in the country.

You might have a teenage kid at your home who has raging hormones and has developed a different behaviour over the past few years. His friends might have taught him about drugs and illegal ways to get alcohol or weed. Depression is yet another reason why you should be opting for teenage monitoring. A mentally pressurized teenage can cause self-harm and even suicide at an extreme level.

Is the younger generation of the nation on a path to self-destruction?

Is this the way our nation will progress?

There are several reasons why teenagers have taken up to such rebellious acts. Lack of education contributes to 55% of juvenile crimes. India has a total population of 2 billion, out of which 40% is comprised by the youth. This younger generation has been spoiled by changing technology and their criminal surroundings. No place is safe these days and this is what has triggered the society to become more animal like than social.


What is Teenage Monitoring?

Teenage monitoring is observing a teenager’s behaviour with respect to their actions and thoughts. Often it is seen that teenagers think from their hearts and they hardly use their minds in making a sane decision. For them, the world is black and white, they don’t see the colours in between.

Their beliefs are extreme, they either love you or hate you, there is nothing in between of that. Envy, jealousy, possessiveness, obsessiveness, pride and hate are such strong and negative feelings. Teenagers develop these ruthless feelings more quickly than they adopt the happy ones.

A single thing is enough to trigger their best and worst behaviour.

Teenage monitoring helps you understand the behaviour of a teenager, their mental and physical conditions along with that they do throughout the day, whom they talk to, places that they visit, etc.

Why do you need Teenage Monitoring?

There are several reasons why teenage monitoring is important these days. With the rising crime rates in the country you need to make sure your child is on the right path. It becomes difficult at times to deal with teenagers and their demands. More often than not they take actions and steps thinking of the present time, future consequences are the least of their concerns.

Do you have a teenager at home who is acting differently these days?

Do you know a kid who recently tried committing suicide?

Have you seen someone in the society taking drugs?

That kid who just slit her wrist could be your daughter tomorrow, the one who just snorted a cocaine sachet in the society’s parking can be your son too. If you know anyone who has a teenager kid at home and things have been working quite not right in the past few days, you should suggest them to opt for teenage monitoring.

You can yourself go for teenage monitoring if you have a kid at home who recently completed their 17th birthday. There are several reasons you need teenage monitoring:

  • Unusual behaviour
  • Depression and anxiety attacks
  • Loneliness
  • Short tempered
  • Always pre-occupied
  • Sexual activities
  • Suicide attempts or threats
  • Drug abuse
  • Heavy intake of alcohol
  • Degrading performance in school

The list can go on and on, this is why we need to be so cautious with our kids these days. They need our help and guidance and we need to do that In a way which doesn’t make them feel immature and completely stupid. Nobody likes to be dictated terms or taught things, everyone wishes to do what they feel like. Same goes for teenagers, but there is a subtle way of guiding such young people in a constructive way so that they don’t end up in jail or in a death valley.

What are the various ways of Teenage Monitoring?

Teenage monitoring is done using various methods and manners. We at All India Detective follow some fixed methods for teenage monitoring. We meet a lot of parents on a regular basis who use teenage monitoring apps. Developers have developed some amazing applications which parents can use to monitor teenagers. However, these apps can help you only up till a certain limit, after that even you can’t see what your kid is up to.

A proper teenage monitoring can help you explore ways in which you can actually see who your kid interacts with, what are their day to day works and the little errands that they say are too important to miss out on. We monitor everything that happens in between those errands and night calls.

  • Call and email record track view
  • Investigation about friends
  • Audio and video recorders to collect data
  • A close watch on their movements
  • Love affair monitoring
  • Physical health check ups

Young kids think that they can handle everything that life throws at them and often they fail to do so and get themselves into bigger troubles. For example, a lot of teenage girls hide about their pregnancy from their parents and go for abortions in cheap and local clinics. This causes infection and even death at times, once their body has rotten completely the family discovers about the lost unborn child. But it becomes too late to take a step.

Boys get involved in pornography and even drugs, their company can change their whole personality. No matter how many years you put in that kid to give him morals and teach him what is right and what is wrong, they get easily persuaded by their friends.

This can cause a huge decline in their academic results. They can even get involved in sexual and mental abuse. Girls become prey to such boys and suffer for the rest of their lives. Young boys are bullied by the elder boys and this can cause depression and lack of confidence which might remain for a lifetime.

Role of a private investigator in Teenage Monitoring

A private investigator uses different techniques and ways in teenage monitoring. All India Detective is a private detective agency that has detectives specializing in teenage behaviour. We have phycological experts that monitor teenagers activities on a regular basis. We have body language experts and behavioural trainers that observe teenagers and their activities.

We make sure that we follow the subject throughout the course of the investigation. We send undercover agents and befriend the subject. This helps us in knowing about their personal habits more. It determines certain things about the subject- whether he/she takes drugs, alcohol or is involved in illegal weapon possessions.

All India Detective is a private detective agency that has been running since a decade now, we have seen hundreds of teenage monitoring cases. Once we have the complete database of the subject, we compile it in a documentation and present it to the parents.

We have even come to the conclusions that most of the activities that the kids do in a day to day life is usually picked up from the internal house activities. If they see their father hitting their mother every single night he comes from work, they start thinking that it is the right thing to do and apply the same in their life.

People adapt from their surroundings and especially teenagers, they imitate what elders do. So, if you have someone who is too loud when they talk or physically abuses other people, you should stop them there and then. It affects the kids drastically and gives horrible after effects.


What are the outcomes of a teenage monitoring investigation?

Usually we see 4 different outcomes of a teenage monitoring investigation. These results are concluded after a thorough and long research by our investigators and experts. We have a department that is particularly dedicated to teenage monitoring and psychological behaviour observation.

  1. Emotionally disturbed: Teenagers are super talented when it comes to hiding things. They hide their emotions all too well from the outer world, including their parents. We see them get bullied by their class mates or society children. This makes them emotionally disturbed, they tend to seem disturbed even during their regular classes and sports time.

 Being emotionally unavailable can make them violent, introvert and depressed. Panic attacks are the first symptom which parents are not able to recognize on time, this grows further down the child’s system causing them to become more hyper on and off in their life.

  1. Physically damaged: As we mentioned earlier, girls become pregnant at a tender age. They hide about their pregnancy because of the strict norms our Indian society follows. Lack of sex education and proper knowledge leads them to take dangerous measures.

Boys get involved into drugs  and alcohol abruptly, they lose focus of their career and health. We have seen case where young boys of hardly 16-17 years old smoke up 10-14 cigarettes in one day. Drugs have a tendency to become addictive after a while, and once they are addicted to it they won’t be able to leave it without medical treatment.

  1. Violent temperament: Children are affected by their parents the most, if you are a divorced couple or someone who fights on a regular basis in front of your kids then it will adversely affect them. Abusive relationships can become torturous for kids. They develop ill temperament and showcase it in their day to day habits.
  2. Theft and illegal doings: More often than not it is a registered fact that 30% robberies and thefts that occur are done by teenage kids. These kids are completely driven by money and materialistic things. It starts as a one-time thing but ends up becoming a full time earning in just a matter of 1-2 years. Teenagers should be monitored on a regular basis to ensure they are on the right path of life.

Education is the basic need of the hour, the more educated people will be, the less they will commit crimes. Possession of guns is another common thing in rural areas which ends up in murder cases.

  1. Abusive relationships: We see boys and girls getting involved into abusive relationships even when they know it is wrong. Boys often abuse their girlfriends mentally and physically while girls also tend to mentally abuse their boyfriends. This behaviour is adapted by their surroundings, movies and parents.


What they is what they become. A child who sees a mother cheating his father is likely to cheat his partner as well.

This is why you should take precautions about what you speak, behave and live around your young child.

These are some of the most common outcomes of teenage monitoring, other things might involve betting in IPL matches, illegal business, selling drugs and girls in rural and backward areas. We also discover if a kid is planning on eloping from their homes, rubbering their parents.


What can you do at home to monitor your teenager kid?

You can take some steps in order to make sure that your child takes wise decisions when it comes to his life and takes full responsibilities for their actions.

  • Take your kid for a regular health check up to see if they have been suffering with anything. Do not lash out on the kid if they are infected with any STD’s or with a history of abortion or liver damage due to excessive drinking/drug intake. Rather, tell them how it can be treated now and how it is wrong. Be their friend in the need.
  • Respect people in front of your kids, gossiping and saying ill things about other people will only teach them to do the same when they grow up. Bring positivity in their life.
  • Be a source of happiness for them, listen to them when they approach you to talk about something. Pay attention to what they are going through in their lives.
  • Keep a track of their academics, make sure you do not force them to chose a particular subject or push them to be the topper. Help them achieve the best of heights by giving them the right education, putting them in a good school and enrolling them with the best tutors.

You can book a teenage monitoring case with us anytime you feel you need one. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone and we will respond back within 24 hours.