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Gurgaon is known as the “Millennium city” of the country, owing to its huge capitalization over time, the city has proffered myriads of job opportunities and financial support to the nation’s economy. Tons of multinational companies and Institutes are brimming in Gurugram, only to offer the best of jobs and education. It is in the proximity of Delhi but seems like a forever journey once you set out to reach your destination because of the heavy traffic. In the hustling city of North India, apart from financial growth and prosperity there is one more thing that is creeping up inevitably; Crime. A crime can be in the form of molestation, domestic violence, murder, fraud, dowry demand or even threatening someone to their lives over a mere phone call. All India Detective is the best private detective agency in Gurgaon which could help you out of your troubles.

Why you need to Hire Detective Services in Gurgaon?

Let’s face the truth, no city is safe anymore, be it be India or United States of America. Trusting people has become all the more difficult and this is why you need to hire detective services in Gurgaon to ensure that your would be partner is a genuinely trustworthy. Pre matrimonial enquiry is of utmost importance these days, people lie before marriage to get married, as ironical as it may sound but this is the harsh reality one has to face. A pre marriage background check is crucial to get a hang on the facts you have been made to believe, remember that you have all the rights to have complete pre matrimony information about the groom/bride and their family.

What do we investigate in Pre matrimonial investigation ?

We look thoroughly into the case and run background checks in various forms and ways, few of them include the following mentioned below:

  • Social Status
  • Economic Status
  • Any previous Love affair/relationships
  • Any divorce beyond knowledge
  • Service/Enterprise Profile

  • Temperament of the person
  • Any health issues
  • Sexuality preferences
  • Behavioural and Drug abuse
  • Criminal record

With these many aforementioned options we leave little to the imagination as to what could be missed in your case, we are the best private detective agency in Gurgaon, trusted by our clients all over the country and overseas as well we stand tall with a good number of clientele and reputation. We completely understand how much of an emotional trauma one has to go through if they figure out that they have been fooled and gotten married by lying, hiding and cheating. A pre-marital investigation leaves no room for them to cheat at first hand.

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Key Points for Pre matrimonial investigation in Gurgaon:

  • Behavioural and Drug abuse

People often tend to hide their drinking and smoking habits in pre matrimonial relationships, this is because the whole idea of consuming alcohol is declared so ill in the country that people now a days hide their real face. This in turn can provoke some people to go overboard and harm people at times, over abuse of alcohol or drugs not only leads to severe diseases but also to failed relationships. Once a man has lost his own body’s control including his mind and motor actions, either he is legitimately dangerous or hopelessly numb. Both ways can potentially damage a healthy relationship. Even a short tempered person is considered harmful, you never know what they might do, they are not to blame personally, it might be a history of child abuse or sexual abuse but this does not mean that they have the right to abuse others.

This is one of the crucial investigation points in a pre matrimonial investigation, detective services in Gurugram are now easier to avail than ever with our user friendly website, contact forms, address id’s and customer support.

  • Sexuality preferences

Men falling in love with men, women falling in love with women, the world is outbreaking boundaries of love, leaving behind caste, religion and even sex. But this is something that is looked down in the Indian society due to which people not only hide but completely deny their sexuality preferences. This causes humungous chaos in marriages these days, we have seen cases where our clients were initially made believe that their partner were normal but eventually they themselves revealed their sexual attraction towards the same gender. All India detective is one the best private detective agency in Gurgaon to help sort out any kind of pre matrimonial investigation. We keep a track of their phone calls, emails, outings, even the restaurants they eat at. With such hawk eyes it is almost impossible to pretend and not get caught.

  • Economic Status

Money can buy things, money can buy people. Or at least this is what the newer generation has started thinking, people often lie about their financial status before marriage. They usually show themselves as extremely well off but gradually unravel their greediness for dowry. No matter how strict the government has become, or how many rules has the supreme court has passed till date, people still believe in dowry system. Girls are being burnt to ashes, peeled off with acid and brutally beaten to death merely for money. Research about your partner and their financial status well in advance to avoid any mis happening in the later stages of life. Detective services in Gurgaon have made the whole procedure of pre marital investigation really simple and easy. So pull yourself together and take a leap of faith with us.

  • Temperament issues

There are times when family disputes are not just mere coincidences, sometimes there are people in the family who conspire and manipulate against you to condescend you in the eyes of others. Pre matrimonial enquiry thus helps you to know the ins and outs of your future partner and their family, there might be hundreds of hidden truths that they are covering up to let the marriage ceremony go on. You might think how a lady with a habit of ranting all day long would affect you but trust us, it will definitely affect you in the long run. Any kind of poor behavioural temperament is observed and measured by our pre matrimonial detectives.

We do not ask our clients to just come over and register their cases, we tell them to have our background check and see for themselves how many people have we helped.

  • Social status

Social status is a key factor in determining how a person’s behaviour is, it is therefore required to investigate about their past activities which includes any activity that might have raised an eyebrow or two in the society. Not everything that the society believes and adheres is true, but there is always a hidden truth or a fact behind every action. Private detective in Gurugram are not difficult to approach these days, all you have to is call us or send us an email describing your issue  a bit so that we can take the conversation further, break out chunks of them and put them all piece by piece in the investigation on the suspect.

Hire the Best Private Detective Agency in Gurgaon

If you have doubts on your fiancé or future partner then you must take the requisite steps in order to resolve those doubts as they could completely rampage your marriage and your entire life. Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship and if the basic unit is itself weak enough then it might break the whole building that stands firm on it right now, let alone the future of it. It is not an easy task to investigate the personal lives of people, but with proper methodologies, documentation and legal ways we manage to get the best out of our team of private detective in Gurgaon. If you search for a name out there writing the best private detective agency in Gurgaon you will see our rankings on the top of Google.

We understand how important it is for our clients to find out the truth since their whole life depends on it, once cheated a person can be only healed in bits and pieces but never completely to the core. The emotional trauma is a way more bothering that any amount of money spent or time spent, the efforts and feelings can not bring back the best of people, how will they bring back an already lost person? They can not. But we can help you in lessening your trauma by saving you before you get swamped in the muddy piles of their manipulative lies and hidden truths. You can scroll through the website and look for your particular case as we deal with myriads of cases

Detective Services List:

  • Pre matrimonial investigation
  • Post matrimonial investigation
  • Corporate investigation
  • Employee verification
  • Divorce investigation
  • Sting operation
  • Love affair
  • Surveillance

How to book a case with All India Detective?

The process is simpler than you buying clothes online from an e commerce where you filter thousands of time, put in specific details and still do not get the desired result. Here you can simply open our website, go to our contact form and either fill up the email portion mentioning a bit about your case so that we could contact you and discuss it further or you can directly call us and let us know what is bothering you so that we could render our services. However we understand if you do not wish to disclose your identity and remain hidden, we could discuss in depth over call but we would require some mandatory details form your side so as to build a relationship of trust and maintain transparency amongst each other for the benefit of both the parties.

We cannot go around someone by getting a simple call or an email, we need full confirmation for the case and an in depth knowledge about the suspect so that we can tell our best private detective to go on with the case. We have our detectives hired from THE INDIAN POLICE, RAW, MILITARY, COMMANDERS, who either have experience or a vast knowledge about such cases. You might think what an officer could do In a pre matrimonial investigation but the truth is that these people have the highest IQ level, reasoning and problem solving capacity than any layman so they can solve mysteries within minutes, without even picking up the pen and paper where a half-wit man would have taken hours and days on end. This is one of the many reasons why All India Detective is the best private detective agency in Gurgaon.

Leading Private Detective Agency in Gurgaon

We use multiple options to track down the suspect and record their activities which make them completely unpretentious in front of us, we can see them, listen to them and even talk directly to them but they can not recognize us even the slightest bit. If you are wondering how we directly talk your suspect out then we must take the opportunity to explain you a bit in detail how we actually TALK THE SUSPECT OUT:

  • We send the best private detective in Gurgaon disguised as the suspect’s colleague or their long distanced family friend whom they might have forgotten or even as a random cab driver.
  • We use wireless tape recorders and hidden cameras to spy on the suspect’s activities looking out for anything suspicious or obnoxious they might do.
  • We fixate incidents with people so as to urge them in a particular direction checking their temperament and behaviour.
  • We run a complete pre marriage background check entailing their family members, past relationships, financial debts or loans, etc.
  • For loyalty checks we usually involve the opposite gender and check if your partner sustains the urge to cheat and remains loyal with you.

All India Detectives Services

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

We investigate the deep roots of a person from their history to their past love affairs, any criminal records, behaviour temperament, financial and social status.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Check on your partner’s personal details including their bills, travel, hidden data that could possibly damage your marriage. This Investigation could save up your relationship.

Loyalty Test Investigation

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Investigate with proper mediums and ways with us to get information about their hidden activities.

Employees Verification

Get a hang on the hidden statistics and facts with relevant proofs. End to end encrypted data about your employees ensuring they are working righteously.

Undercover Detective

It is required either for personal use or corporate. We place undercover agents in form of maids, servants, familiar neighbours for personal.

Missing Person

This is for those who have lost a dear one and think that there is much more to the case than what the police is offering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

There has been an increase in the criminal and fraudulent activities in Gurgaon. There are numbers of the detective agencies are established in order to safeguard the interest of the people. These detective agencies are responsible for providing the personal and corporate solutions with the widest amount of confidentiality and privacy.

Who is the Detective?

A detective is actually an investigator. Investigators are the Private persons. They are also known by the name of the Private investigators. Some people give them names as Private eyes.

What are the various tasks that are performed by the detective?

  • A detective is the person who solves the crime.
  • The other task that is performed by the detective are missing people investigation.
  • The other task is premarital and post marital investigation.
  • These agencies are also performing other types of investigation just by examining and evaluating the clues and personal records in order to cover the identity and also provides the required information to their clients.

Why most of the parents hire the detective agency for Prematrimonial investigation?

  • Most of the parents and family members are hiring private detectives for checking of the background, financial status and behavior of the family. This has been seen that there are large numbers of the boys and girls are coming closer via online chatting or different matrimonial sites. But they do not know each other,but they get decided to marry. In this case, the chances of the fraud are so much higher. This will lead to the unfortunate cases of Divorce. In this case, Matrimonial investigator plays the vital role in checking the character, lifestyle and financial status of the Bride or Groom. Most of the detective agencies always work in the form of 2- 3 detectives , who do the Matrimonial investigation and collect the physical evidences in the form of photographs, video recording and social media live results . These are very helpful to take the right decision.

Why most of the corporate companies hire the undercover agent?

There are large numbers of the corporate companies who hires detectives in order to find the status of the competitors’ health. These agencies plant the undercover agents in the rivalry companies. There are large numbers of corporate companies who hire the detective agencies in Gurgaon for the different purposes such as pre and post employment verification, market research and asset verification etc..

Why people hire the detective agencies in order to solve the undecided and mysterious cases?

There are large numbers of the reasons to trace out the details about the undecided and mysterious cases. In this competitive scenario,morals and values have completely lost their importance. So, this has become essential to check the suspicious activities of the nearby, then the role of the detective agencies come into existence.

Why detective agencies are famous in the metro cities?

Metro cities are more indulged in illicit tasks such as crime, abductions, disloyalty in the relations. In these various cases , the role of the private agency comes into existence. Sometimes, police takes the matter casually . In this case, help from the detective agency to become essential.

Why most of the couples hire the detective agency in order to know about the bride or groom?

Marriage is the important aspect of one’s life . This will open the new dimensions of life,such as new means of thinking, living and behaving. This is the most significant thing in the human being. From our childhood, we mostly dream of the honest partner after the marriage. This is very essential that both boy and girl has the proper understanding in order to get indulged in the serious relation such as marriage. Most of the detective agencies are helpful in order to take the proper marriage decision. These agencies are helpful to establish the trust forever and these agencies provide the detail proofs about the actions of the partners. All the suspicious activities are very painful . These agencies handle all these matters in the most sensible way. If your prospective husband or wife are behaving abnormally, then these detective agencies will provide you the complete support in order to find out the reality. These agencies are responsible for providing the strong written and verbal proofs that they will capture in the form of recorders and videos. The investigation made by these detective agencies are very crucial, people like us, are not able to detect the truth that is found by them. So, take a sound decision in order to hire best Detective Agency in Gurgaon.

Why most of the people hire surveillance detective in order to solve critical cases?

  • Surveillance detectives are responsible to solve many cases.
  • Surveillance detectives are responsible for following any person smartly.
  • He smartly keeps track of the places visited, numbers of the person to meet and name of the persons.
  • Surveillance detectives are responsible for securing the evidences and safely hand over evidences to the clients.

Why spy agency are more in demand?

Most of the people hire the detectives,according to their needs. Investigation agency is faster than the police and government. Spy agency is responsible for personal and corporate investigation.

Services provided by Spy Agencies:

  • Pre matrimonial investigation
  • Post matrimonial investigation
  • Extra marital affairs
  • Missing person investigation
  • Background check
  • Sting operation
  • Loyalty checks
  • Undercover operation
  • Property verification

How to choose the most effective detective company in Gurgaon?

Effectiveness of detective company in Gurgaon can be judged from the following different points:

  • Try to find out the positive reviews of the detective agency.
  • Then check that whether that detective company has the license or not.
  • You must make sure that that detective company must have an office.
  • Ask from that detective agency about the education and experience.
  • Then ask them about the secrecy and privacy.
  • Then ask about the previous successful history.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our main motto is to help our clients on a personal level where they are free of their chaotic life. We bring peace to them by investigating in accordance with a suitable case. All India Detective is amongst the most preferred and reliable investigation agencies present in the country. We are based out of Delhi but have our roots sprawled over different cities and places. We are one of the best private detective agency in India.

Our Experts

Our main motto is to help our clients on a personal level where they are free of their chaotic life. We bring peace to them by investigating in accordance with a suitable case. All India Detective is amongst the most preferred and reliable investigation agencies present in the country. We are based out of Delhi but have our roots sprawled over different cities and places. We are one of the best private detective agency in India.

Our Experts

Our main motto is to help our clients on a personal level where they are free of their chaotic life. We bring peace to them by investigating in accordance with a suitable case. All India Detective is amongst the most preferred and reliable investigation agencies present in the country. We are based out of Delhi but have our roots sprawled over different cities and places. We are one of the best private detective agency in India.