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Employee investigation can be conducted in response to a complaint filed against an employee during the course of their job, an allegation against a former employee, or an investigation about a new recruit. If you feel that a former employee created internal follies and has cheated the company in one way or the other, you can still investigate about the matter.

It is always better to go through the employee investigation process in early stages of a recruitment. Have a background check on your future employees, their previous work history, personal relations in the office (if any), assets owned, salary and criminal records with employee investigation.

The employee investigation process is conducted in a confidential manner so as to protect the identity of the employer. At the same time a prompt and effective investigation can help move the case forward.

If you are someone who feels that an employee investigation is the way to find out relevant information about an employee, read on about why you should prefer an investigator rather than hiring an HR directly to conduct the investigation.

Hire a private investigator for Employee investigation

An employee investigation is conducted by professional detectives who are former senior level employees with experience of corporates and firms. We also have detectives with an experience as human resource who are skilled and know the ins and outs of working as an employee in a corporate.

These are the benefits of hiring a private investigator to conduct an employee investigation:

  • Accurate and precise data
  • Employee investigation report which is based on the data collected during the investigation
  • Professional and experienced support to detect even the minute things
  • Managing and looking into things on a micro-management level to ensure complete end to end investigation.
  • Unbiased decision making therefore giving out true results.


Why conducting an in-house employee investigation is not a good idea?

Many companies prefer in-house employee investigations over hiring a private detective to investigate the subject, this often leads to biased decisions based on the relationships the alleged and the investigator might have within the company. Also, these in-house investigators can not dig in much deep in the personal matters of the alleged since their knowledge is only limited.

A private detective is a skilled person who not only investigates about everything related to the alleged on a professional front, but on the personal too. Private investigators know how to conduct an investigation step by step. Gathering relevant proofs from the subject’s past work places can be of great help. Only private detective agencies can conduct such extensive and in-depth employee investigation with high attention to detail and expertise.


What Happens During an Employee Investigation?

Well, an employee investigation procedure includes various aspects, it can be conducted due to a confusion between 2 present employees, for example a case of sexual harassment or mental torcher. In such a case, the alleged has little to zero proofs of defending themselves. But an investigator can easily find out if the alleged is the actual culprit and the accusations are false. During an employee investigation process, many questions are asked to the subject.

Features of an employee investigation process entail the following:

  • Either the alleged can be asked questions directly in an enclosed room with lapel mics, video recorders and cameras to record each and every action or statements the subject makes.
  • Collection of requisite information about the alleged before of an employee investigation is an important factor which leads to the formation of the questions asked in an investigation.
  • The detective must know about the personal and professional relationships of the subject to ensure an unbiased decision.
  • Investigators conduct end-to-end investigation with utmost care and security.


Real life cases of employee investigation:

There can be multiple reasons why you want to conduct an employee investigation, here is a list of real-life cases which we conducted under an employee investigation:

  • We use employee investigation to find out about personal relationships, criminal history or any illegal doings done by the alleged. There was an employee investigation which was conducted 3 months back within a corporate house where a female employee had alleged the subject of sexual harassment. After a thorough investigation process, it was discovered that the victim herself was mentally harassing and pressurizing the subject for marriage and when the alleged said that he needed time to think about it, she became angry and started putting false accusations on the boy.
  • Employee investigation helps in finding out about fraud, forgery, robbery or any criminal activities of an employee. We ran a background check on a new recruit, and we found some surprising things about her. She had a record of switching 6 companies in just 2 years which is an extremely short span. Hoping on from one company to another is considered as an unprofessional and unethical thing to do. She had listed her strengths as “loyal, motivated, hard-working, optimistic”, and also claimed in the HR interview round that this was her 2nd company since college, which pretty much contradicted to her work history. This helped the employer to make a better decision if they still wanted to recruit the girl.


You never know who might be lying or be a fraud in today’s corporate world. You need to be fully aware of your employees, be it be former, present or future. All India Detective is the best private detective agency in Delhi, we have conducted multiple investigations in the corporate sector and thus have an edge over the other agencies.

A decade of experience with highly skilled professionals, latest technology gadgets and proper systems gives us more strength to help people. To book a case with us, kindly head over to the contact us section, you can give us a call, email or come over by our corporate head office. Even though we have our main branch in Delhi, we work in almost all of the regions in India and even overseas.

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