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Do you know that there are 1.36 million people in India who are divorced?

There might be one in your neighborhood or in your family. A divorce is caused due to misunderstandings and personal fights. Imagine that two people get married because they are so madly in love but after a few years, that love vanishes. Lovers, who at one point in time couldn’t even think to live without one another, cannot even stand each other now. And their families are torn apart now, all they do is blame one another for the failure of the marriage. 

“Time changes and people do too.”

Divorce investigations are never easy, there are a lot of emotions involved of the suspect and the victim, their judgment becomes multi-directional leading the case to go directionless or bringing it to a halt. However, we go into the very facts and details of the suspect making sure that we leave no stone unturned in our divorce cases investigation services. We give our full support to the victim, we listen to their whole story, build up a plan according to the same and then take it to the execution level. There are multiple steps that we take in between our first conversation with the victim.



What is the process for Divorce Investigation Services with All India Detective?


A procedure is followed when it comes to filing a case with us:

  • You need to get in touch with us via our email or our phone number, a personal visit would be highly appreciated under any circumstances though.
  • Once you give us a brief about your case, we can then plan a meetup or if you wish to keep your identity hidden then we can work in a manner which would prove to be both efficient for us, and comfortable for you.
  • Once you have given us the information, we ask our divorce detectives to map a blueprint which is in accordance with the information you provided us.
  • This blueprint serves as a guide as to what has to be in the divorce investigations in future, how the documentation flow will go forward and how to gather proofs against the suspect.

However, you should provide the correct and legal data when asked about the suspect, else the case can go drastically wrong and you will not get your results. Misleading of the case caused by the victim itself is the worst scenario which can possibly happen.

Remember that there is an entire team of divorce case investigation services detectives that are working for days on end only for your case. If you tell us the half-baked truth, we will anyhow be able to discover all of it later on in the case journey. It will waste not only our time, efforts and money but yours too.



How much time does it take to complete a divorce case investigation?


After we have a rough idea on our desks with a blueprint to accommodate it, we proceed further with our documentation and set up. We use the latest technology devices including lapel mics, video, and audio recorders, cameras and scanners. Our divorce detectives start digging up information of the suspect apart from what has been provided by the victim. We often find surprising things about the suspect which not only the victim but no one knows about when people opt for divorce cases investigation services. It seems like people can lead a dual life quite easily.

Once the confession is made, we see how people get brutally shattered, we give them lessons and ask them to move on and have a better life. We have seen marriages lasting 20 years ending up in a divorce.

 Wonder what the common reasons are?

Cheating and lying contribute to the biggest and most common reasons for divorces.

We follow our target all day long, capture anything that they do which is a bit out of the league. We even investigate through their personal call logs and emails. In addition to this, it can take as long as a week or even a month or two. It is not a deadline that we promise, because we want to help our clients get rid of their toxicity. For us it is more of a human guidance than just a private detective agency, we treat our clients with utmost respect and give them the best of results.



What do you include in divorce cases investigation services?


When people are taking a divorce, there are thousands of questions and doubts that come to their minds. Mostly this happens with the innocent one, the one who doesn’t care really doesn’t think much about their partner, all they care about is getting a divorce at the end of the day. However, the innocent one always stays in the dark wondering what went wrong?

Did they do something wrong?

Did they themselves push their partner away?

What if they were not good enough for their partner?

People begin blaming themselves, ignoring the fact how irresponsible and insensitive their partner had become. They think that their behavior and actions are the root cause of the divorce, they plainly avoid what their partner does.

We include a complete check of your partner in terms of –

  • Personal information
  • Love affairs
  • Drug addict
  • Loyalty test
  • Financial affairs
  • Physical health

Many people keep their financial status hidden from their partners, as soon as the divorce approaches, they withdraw themselves saying they do not have money to support the kids or give it to their partner as alimony. On the other hand, we find terribly rich people demanding for money to settle the case or even alimony, which makes things worse. All India Detective is the leading detective agency in Delhi. We have our roots spread out to different parts of the world. We solve cases overseas, make sure our clients get the justice they deserve and the truth they seek.



What is the qualification of the private detective working on divorce cases?


We have highly skilled private detectives working hours at a stretch on each individual case. Their background involves RAW, Indian Military, Indian Police Force, and other reputed services. We specifically hire from these organizations because we feel that these people have the highest intellect and analytical skills when it comes to investigations. They work with thousands of people with thousands of different mindsets, they can literally think beyond of what a normal educated person can.

There is only a limit up till which you would be able to deduce what your partner is up to, at the end of the day you can not go around fixing the audio and video recorders around them, but we can. Our divorce case investigation services include all possible aspects of a case. We have a trained private detective allotted to each case under whom there is an entire team of another highly skilled private detectives.

All you have to do for hiring a private detective is contact us and choose for our divorce cases investigation services. We will have our experts look into the matter and help solve your case.


Do you help with child custody in a divorce case investigation service?


We work on anything and everything that comes under the umbrella of divorce cases investigation services. If your partner is cheating on you, we will make sure that we expose them and you get your rights in the divorce. However, we do not intervene with the legal procedures of the court or the Indian law. We can definitely help you with relevant proofs and documents that will make your case stronger.

We can reveal the financial status of your partner so that they can not lie about it in the case and go easy with the alimony. We know that there are a lot of women and men who work in reputed organizations, earn a handsome amount of money but when it comes to taking responsibilities, no one wants to take it. They lie about their status so that they don’t have to support their children anymore after the divorce. It is brutal and harsh to see parents do that to their own kids but somehow, they do it.

We get cases where the husband is willing to pay the alimony but the wife goes for an overboard price making their child the prime reason for all the money. In our divorce investigations, we have helped both men and women equally. Often it is seen that it’s the children who suffer the most, they go unheard and everyone thinks it is just the parents that are getting affected. This is not at all true. There are some drastic changes in their academics, behaviour and personal life when their parents go through a divorce. Some of them turn to violence and hurting other as well as themselves while others sulk deep in an aloof world where they abandon themselves.

It is extremely important that the parents take care of their children during the divorce phase, they should make sure that everything is well conveyed and clear to the kids. Lying and blaming one another is a bad example that would literally change the kid’s mentality. Teenage is the most subtle and soft age, it is the time when kids make up their mind, they start believing in few things, develop habits and hobbies, get some moral values. You can not risk their teenage life at any cost because whatever they think then is right or wrong, is something they will be preaching and following all their life.



What if you register a case once the divorce is approved?


As we mentioned earlier that we will not meddle with any of the formal proceedings of the court but if you feel that there is something wrong and needs our attention, we are ready to help you out. Our divorce cases investigation services not only involve investigations before the divorce is filed but also after it is approved. There is a quote that says “Better Late Than Never”, and we firmly believe in it. People get off the hook pretty easily if they have money and power. They alter the truth in their favour and win legal wars, but we are a private detective agency which has more power and facts to unleash the truth. Hiring a private investigator during divorce is as easy as hiring one after the divorce.

We do not just speak with words, rather prove our points with real facts and documentation that are to our knowledge without any kind of alteration. Our divorce cases investigation services is one of the many other services we provide.



What other services do we provide?


We proffer a total of 16 investigation services to our clients. All India Detective is one the leading private detective agency in Delhi which has been running successfully for decades. A private detective agency builds its reputation by working hard to get their clients the justice they deserve and the truths they need to know. In a world where hiring private investigator during a divorce has become easier than ever, considering the cropping detective agencies, we are the ones that have leading cases solved by our private detective in a manner which shook everyone.

This is a list of all the other services that we provide:

  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Loyalty Investigation
  • Missing Person Investigation
  • Divorce Case Investigation
  • Mobile Spy Software
  • Surveillance
  • Teenager Monitoring

We have a broad range of investigations under “Corporate Investigation” :

  • Employee Investigation
  • Competitor Investigation
  • Assets Verification
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Undercover Detective Operation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Sting Operation

If you feel that you are being cheated and that it is of utter importance now that you discover the hidden truths, you can log into our website and book a case with us right away. We will have one of our detectives get in touch with you, to begin with, your case.