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  • Our team expertise’s in highly efficient and experienced professionals who have handled cases ranging from Intelligence gathering to Corporate to personal cyber forensics with utmost confidentiality and discretion.


  • We cater to efficient Investigation service.
  • We understand the importance of our client’s image in the society and their investments.
  • We are well recognized in satisfying our clients from different fields.


  • Whether you are an individual needing our services for a domestic problem, or an attorney requiring information for a client, or a large company looking to minimize losses, our private detectives are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We live in a world where everything is uncertain. Relationships are doubtful and trust is only on papers and movies. There is a high probability that you might be cheated, betrayed and disposed at ones’ will. Close ones know your secrets and that’s why it gets easy for them to turn on you. Love, Business, Marriage and Family are like basic strength as well as needs of a person’s life. And you will usually try to keep all these aspects of your life as good as possible. But even after all your precautions, sometimes you feel that you are being played. You feel that you are going to lose. That’s when you need to look up for us. If you are looking for a detective in Delhi and Mumbai, then your search is over....READ MORE