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Why do you need a private detective agent?

Are you looking for a caring private detective agency in Kolkata at an affordable cost? Contact the experts at our agency for an immediate response and faster solutions. There are many significant reasons why people should consider using a private detective instead of investigating the matter themselves or asking a friend to do it for you. Regardless the reason, the process of gathering evidence and understanding more about a person or situation needs to be done in proper manner. No issue is too minor or complex so trust Kolkata reliable private investigators for a full range of professional services. Just place a call and get assistance before the problem gets worse.

A better place to get matrimonial investigators

One of the main reasons why people approach detective investigation agencies is to conduct background checks; our detective firm provides matrimonial investigation service that includes spouse’s surveillance and pre-marital background checks. Our detectives carefully enquire the details without involving a third person. Our detective agency in Kolkata is specialized in cheating spouse investigations and investigation of unfaithfulness.

Our team handles these cases with supreme caution by using reserved methods as these investigations can be super sensitive to those involved in any incidents. Our detective agency has an extensive experience as we have been handling these investigations for years in India, and our method of evidence gathering in numerous matrimonial investigation ases have been proven the fastest and the best in Kolkata.

Your home and the people you can share it with can be a great source of joy throughout your life, but deception in your home can make it difficult to enjoy family life. Give some rest to your brain and receive comprehensive intelligence about what is going on in the lives of your family and loved ones with Investigation agency in Kolkata. Our qualified detectives have many years of experience and will be able to get you the results you need. The detectives working at our agency are fully trained and equipped with all the necessary intelligence gathering skills to successfully bring you the information you need within the specified time frame.

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How far does our investigation agency go?

Matrimonial or spousal issues have turned out to be a normal issue these days not just in India but also in other continents. We hear of couples or partners filing divorce to end their relationship just within few days after their marriage. At any point of a person’s married life, the bonding may start to break up and you may not get a handle on what things have to be done to preserve the relation, but do not worry. We have matrimonial investigators who have long years of expertise in this area are ready to lend a hand to keep you happy for ever.

At our agency, our investigators are multi awarded with lots of awesome awards and recognitions locally and internationally. The highly talented team can help you find out whether your spouse or partner is having an affair with someone or not. The spy agents will keep an eye on your cheating partner and get the evidence you need to do file a case.

The customers will be given advice on the most effective ways to get the answers you need .if you decide to go ahead, you are assured that our expert private detectives work quickly with dedication, as they are familiar with all areas of Kolkata, so charges are kept to an absolute minimum. Our detectives use the most sophisticated investigative methods and give consistently accurate results. Approach our spy agency at any time the capitals number one choice for professional confidential services. You can talk to us now.

Get Private Investigation Services in Kolkata

Private Investigation

When you get through to a Kolkata based private investigation agency, you will have the chance to take as much time as you need to talk over all your concerns so that the most cost effective course of action can be found. Please don't hesitate to speak with us, as you will find that our detectives in the agency are approachable and genuinely care about your problems. You can count on us to deliver results within given deadline and your own personal set of objectives on your issue. Whether your case is asset tracking or a theft, Our Spy agency is having a strong history in achieving high standards and high rates of success in private investigation.

Fraud Investigation

We also provide fraud investigation services in investigating financial frauds, be it small or a big scam. Our teams of investigators are specialists in investigating financial frauds from bribery and embezzlement to forgery and money laundering schemes. We recruit only experienced fraud examiners in order to find the best answer to client's fraud cases. Apart from frauds, our agency also provides assistance to clients who have been scammed into insurance frauds in Kolkata.

Legal Investigation

Our organization has recognized team of private investigators with a difference. Whatever might be your issue , The detectives bring about a professional approach to your investigative needs .We believe on the team work and never completely depend individual investigators because every team member plays a part in delivering what you need. Surveillance is one of the primary activities of any private investigator has to master. A private detective is a person who can be hired by a business or individual to undertake investigatory legal services on a person, asset or a business. Our detectives may use different type of equipments that can vary from tracking devices that are typically contracted by attorneys in civil and criminal cases.

Get in touch with friendly and supportive detectives

Any private detective has to tail and watch over someone and snoop around to gather information required to solve the case successfully. The private eye simply has to learn and master the skill of successfully watching over someone, be it a place or an object to achieve goals.

We understand that you may feel uncomfortable contacting a Private Investigator for the first time, but we can assure you that every operative employed by Kolkata private Investigators be it a detective or a assistant, we will always be sympathetic and above all, our team will be more professional.

Services We Provide

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

We investigate the deep roots of a person from their history to their past love affairs, any criminal records, behaviour temperament, financial and social status.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Check on your partner's personal details including their bills, travel, hidden data that could possibly damage your marriage. This Investigation could save up your relationship.

Loyalty Test Investigation

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Investigate with proper mediums and ways with us to get information about their hidden activities.

Employees Verification

Get a hang on the hidden statistics and facts with relevant proofs. End to end encrypted data about your employees ensuring they are working righteously.

Undercover Detective

It is required either for personal use or corporate. We place undercover agents in form of maids, servants, familiar neighbours for personal.

Missing Person

This is for those who have lost a dear one and think that there is much more to the case than what the police is offering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

There has been an increase in the criminal and fraudulent activities in Kolkata. There are numbers of the detective agencies are established in order to safeguard the interest of the people. These detective agencies are responsible for providing the personal and corporate solutions with the widest amount of confidentiality and privacy.

Who is the Detective?

A detective is actually an investigator. Investigators are the Private persons. They are also known by the name of the Private investigators . Some people give them names as Private eyes.

What are the various tasks that are performed by the detective?

  • A detective is the person who solves the crime.
  • The other task that is performed by the detective are missing people investigation.
  • The other task is premarital and post marital investigation.
  • These agencies are also performing other types of investigation just by examining and evaluating the clues and personal records in order to cover the identity and also provides the required information to their clients.

Why most of the parents hire the detective agency for Prematrimonial investigation?

  • Most of the parents and family members are hiring private detectives for checking of the background, financial status and behavior of the family. This has been seen that there are large numbers of the boys and girls are coming closer via online chatting or different matrimonial sites. But they do not know each other,but they get decided to marry. In this case, the chances of the fraud are so much higher. This will lead to the unfortunate cases of Divorce. In this case, Matrimonial investigator plays the vital role in checking the character, lifestyle and financial status of the Bride or Groom. Most of the detective agencies always work in the form of 2- 3 detectives , who do the Matrimonial investigation and collect the physical evidences in the form of photographs, video recording and social media live results . These are very helpful to take the right decision.

Why most of the corporate companies hire the undercover agent?

There are large numbers of the corporate companies who hires detectives in order to find the status of the competitors health. These agencies plant the undercover agents in the rivalry companies. There are large numbers of corporate companies who hire the detective agencies in Kolkata for the different purposes such as pre and post employment verification, market research and asset verification etc..

Why people hire the detective agencies in order to solve the undecided and mysterious cases?

There are large numbers of the reasons to trace out the details about the undecided and mysterious cases. In this competitive scenario,morals and values have completely lost their importance. So, this has become essential to check the suspicious activities of the nearby, then the role of the detective agencies come into existence.

Why detective agencies are famous in the metro cities?

Metro cities are more indulged in illicit tasks such as crime, abductions, disloyalty in the relations. In these various cases , the role of the private agency comes into existence. Sometimes, police takes the matter casually . In this case, help from the detective agency to become essential.

Why most of the couples hire the detective agency in order to know about the bride or groom?

Marriage is the important aspect of one’s life . This will open the new dimensions of life,such as new means of thinking, living and behaving. This is the most significant thing in the human being. From our childhood, we mostly dream of the honest partner after the marriage. This is very essential that both boy and girl has the proper understanding in order to get indulged in the serious relation such as marriage. Most of the detective agencies are helpful in order to take the proper marriage decision. These agencies are helpful to establish the trust forever and these agencies provide the detail proofs about the actions of the partners. All the suspicious activities are very painful . These agencies handle all these matters in the most sensible way. If your prospective husband or wife are behaving abnormally, then these detective agencies will provide you the complete support in order to find out the reality. These agencies are responsible for providing the strong written and verbal proofs that they will capture in the form of recorders and videos. The investigation made by these detective agencies are very crucial, people like us, are not able to detect the truth that is found by them. So, take a sound decision in order to hire best detective agency in Kolkata.

Why most of the people hire surveillance detective in order to solve critical cases?

  • Surveillance detectives are responsible to solve many cases.
  • Surveillance detectives are responsible for following any person smartly.
  • He smartly keeps track of the places visited, numbers of the person to meet and name of the persons.
  • Surveillance detectives are responsible for securing the evidences and safely hand over evidences to the clients.

Why spy agency are more in demand?

Most of the people hire the detectives,according to their needs. Investigation agency is faster than the police and government. Spy agency is responsible for personal and corporate investigation.

Services provided by Spy Agencies:

  • Pre matrimonial investigation
  • Post matrimonial investigation
  • Extra marital affairs
  • Missing person investigation
  • Background check
  • Sting operation
  • Loyalty checks
  • Undercover operation
  • Property verification

How to choose the most effective detective company in Kolkata?

Effectiveness of detective company in Kolkata can be judged from the following different points:

  • Try to find out the positive reviews of the detective agency.
  • Then check that whether that detective company has the license or not.
  • You must make sure that that detective company must have an office.
  • Ask from that detective agency about the education and experience.
  • Then ask them about the secrecy and privacy.
  • Then ask about the previous successful history.

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Our Mission

All India Detectives is standing out in the form of the most magnificent solution for all your problem revolving around the basis of the investigation. Yes, here we are offering result-oriented investigation services for all of you. No matter what your concern is we have a solution for all most everything. Our final mission is to extend the scope of your peaceful life by making it entirely free from every possible worry with the help of our remarkable investigation skills.

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Our detective agency is a huge family of most some most terrific personal investigation agents. We are targeting yo dedicate our serious efforts for weaving the maximum possibilities of conducting a productive investigation for you. Whether it is a private investigation or professional investigation we are able to perform every kind of investigation in very less time that too with phenomenal success. All India Detectives is here for you forever.

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We are glad to tell you that we are having our experts belonging from different categories of investigation in order of serving you with incredible investigation outcomes. We are completely familiar with the present scenario of technology. This is the reason why we are ensuring the fullest utilization of every technique starting from camcorders, pen cameras, recorders, trackers and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today.