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Divorces on a rise in Mumbai


Divorces on a rise in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in India and is the financial capital as well. Life there is extremely busy so people rarely have time for each other. This is a place where neighbors do not recognize each other owing to their tight scheduled work. The dame happened for the married couples as well. Mumbai is an expensive city, hence if both the husband and the wife do not work for a living; it will not be possible for them to manage.

In order to keep up with the ongoing financial surge, a couple has to earn more and more and in this case the husband as well as the wife has to earn. If that is not the situation, it will be very tough for them to spend their lives in Mumbai. With the involvement of both the husband and wife in office work, they seldom have time to spend with themselves as a result of which the attachment that a married couple used to have does not grow much in the couples now.

Couples have admitted that when they were dating each other, they definitely used to find out time and meet and the love would be ignited but as soon as they get married all the love diminishes and the old excitement is no more there. When they start a life after their wedding and have tiffs with each other, instead of sitting and getting to the root of it, couples nowadays find it easier to get away by asking for a divorce. A lot of social scientists and psychiatrists have thought on and given their verdicts about this and they say that a lot of reasons are possible, some of which would be as follows:

Women have now become ambitious and are not ready to compromise with anything. Initially, when a married woman only meant a stay at home woman whose only work was to cook and clean for her beloved, at that time the divorce rates in control. But now, with the advancement of education and media, women have actually understood that their work is not to cook and clean and stay to home gossiping about others and bearing children for the man. Now, women have become more ambitious than men and they are not ready to leave an inch of anything hampering their work life. If the husband is not able o adjust with her, owing to her work, she is very welcome to take up divorce and lead her life as a divorcee.

With the advancement in life and the propagation of independence for all, women have started taking this seriously and everyone has started working there. People have lost their patience because slogging all day in their office makes them lose their energy there and so when they come home at night, all they want to do is lie down and get a good sleep so that they are able to perform better the next day. So when there are tiffs that go on between the couples, they fell like letting each other go and file for a divorce.

Some psychiatrists say that the youth of today is extremely impulsive and they get married without thinking twice. They take very little time to think about the consequences of marriage and also when it comes to seeking divorce they do it without any other thought as well. They say that the entire generation has not made up their mind and acts too fast without any realization of good and bad. Also, nowadays divorce is no more treated as a taboo.

Previously the girls, who were divorces, were looked down upon by the society but now it is not the same as they have gained their financial indpendance and they can look after themselves very well now. They do not need a man to acknowledge their existence. Also, women have realized that they are in no way backward in any way from any man.

According to the advocates, the divorces cases are because of over ambitious behavior of couples, involvement in adultery or financial ego problems. Also there are some instances where the couples have admitted that they have no time for each other as a result of which they have fallen out of love. The advocate say that the court always gives couples 6 months time to adjust and see if they can try for one last time, sometimes that works but most of the times the couples are adamant and don’t make it work.

People also say that with the advent of western traits like live in relationships people have forgotten the truth behind marriage and also the impact of television is to be blamed behind this. With all these reasons piping up, the only thing that still remains unquestioned is that what happens to the love that was there once? Does it remain or does it evaporate? This question however has had no proper answer till date.

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