Divorces on a rise in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in India and is the financial capital as well. Life there is extremely busy so people rarely have time for each other. This is a place where neighbors do not recognize each other owing to their tight scheduled work. The dame happened for the married couples as […]

pre-matrimonial investigations

Pre-matrimonial investigations

How private detective agents carry out pre-matrimonial investigations? Long back there used to be lengthy pre-matrimonial investigations where a single detective will investigate the entire case with the help of only one assistant. Such type of investigations will take a long time sometimes even a month. In tough situation you won’t even get the result […]

5 Different Types Of Extra-Marital Affairs

5 Different Types Of Extra Marital Affairs

Here Are 5 Different Types Of Extra-Marital Affairs And What They Mean Still, the extra marital affairs are a big issue in every couple’s relationship. Indeed, even before giving the individual who is conning an opportunity to talk or clarify, individuals simply wind up judging the individual to be terrible and characterless. While at first, […]